Trump defends the cops who shoved that 75 year old man down to the pavement

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Senior Member
Oct 25, 2014
These are not equivalent.

No one should die while under arrest no matter what they have done.... I believe we are still under the rule of law.
Absolutely agree.
We don't need to make one side the angel and another side the devil in this discussion.
It is apparent that both sides were in the wrong and him being criminal doesn't diminish misconduct of police.
Even if he did worse crimes, if justice isn't for all then it isn't justice.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2016
Have you read his Twitter posts and blogs? They are very anti police and he is a professional agitator. Terrost groups use people to manipulate the media. For example not too long ago the Arabs had a protest outside Israel's border. The terrorist began to use women and children as shields as they approached the wall. Well the Israeli military opened fire and people got hurt as they eliminated the threat. Also in the video you can hear the struggle to contain the curfew as protesters wouldn't leave.

At most we need more evidence because in the video he does seem to be pushing something at them or trying to grab something. That is a big no for police. It is unfortunate but now the FBI are following at least 5 or more domestic terrorist groups planning attacks including after the election.

None of this would of happened if the Mayors would of done there job at the start.

Happy to say I voted for President Trump today.
Apr 15, 2017
The purpose of America is to cause the nations to come together, and to promote peace, and to use controlled conflict brings about controlled change.

Because of evolution they have a different belief system now, for it changed the way they view reality so they are operating differently than years ago.

Which is why they took prayer out of school and taught evolution, and why they wanted the counter culture movement to have a people that want to have their own way rebelling against authority.

But they cannot do this by pushing a one sided agenda, so they set up opposing forces to cover all the beliefs of the people, which gets everyone involved for they will choose a side, or like that there is their beliefs represented by one of the opposing forces, and then the opposing forces cooperate with each other and it brings the people together.

So it is funny that people argue about Republican and Democrat when they are working together for that is the only way they represent all the beliefs, and then bring them together with the best traits of both.

The same as America and Russia were working together from the start.

And now all the nations leaders are in agreement for their peace plan for the world.

So the truth is they are arguing over their beliefs, for arguing over the players in the government Republican and Democrat mean nothing for they are on the same side when they are in the top level positions, and even more people than that.

This is common sense for how else will they get the world to be as one unless they can represent all the people's beliefs, and have conflict to make a change to where they eventually all come together.

And with the protests they are going to remove all public display of prejudice out of America, and make everyone equal, and then the government will put aside their differences and cooperate and bring them together as one.

So they think with this protest they are winning, and making a difference, but it actually adds to their plan, and gets them closer to freedoms being gone, and closer to the New Age Christ establishing peace in the Middle East.

But they do not know the plan, for if they did they would disperse and stop the protesting, for it will result in the long run of them being monitored, and policed more for all eyes will be on them.

And moving all people out of the rural areas, and in to the cities, where they have them all in one spot, and not scattered, so they can keep an eye on them with them watching the people all the time with the people watching the people.

And no development can happen outside of the city limits, and all guns taken away, and there is no excuse that they use guns for hunting, for there is no hunting in the city, and they cannot be in the rural area to hunt.

All that will be outside the city is wildlife, and plant life.

Also by them having them all in one place it makes it easier to locate Christians for they are not scattered, and would be easy to locate anyone outside the city if they run.

Like the New Age Christ when he establishes peace in the Middle East wants all the Jews back on their land, and the Gentile nations will cause it to happen, for he wants them all in that one spot for he will eventually claim to be their God and Messiah, and go against them.

But they will keep protesting away not understanding the results it will have, for if they thought they are hassled now wait until the future when they are watched all the time, and everything monitored, and all people are watching you instead of only a few police you have to worry about.

They are protesting our freedoms away in the long run thinking they are winning freedom, but they do not understand the plan.

The government wants them to protest, and the louder the better, and want them to cry out police brutality, and the media will escalate it, for it is the change they want to happen.

And President Trump is playing the bad guy on purpose to stir up the African Americans, and the people to protest even more for equal rights, and against police brutality, and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are saying, you go boy, you go, and Trump gives them a thumb's up and say, yah buddy.

After they remove all public display of prejudice whether men and women, white and black, and minorities, and gays and non gays, and whatever else people display publicly to be prejudice whether in writing, verbally, or physically, and make it a hate crime to display prejudice, then the government will cooperate with their opposing forces, and be as one.

Then the nations will follow suit, and the nations will come as one and work for peace on earth, but it will not be under the guidance of God.

Then you can kiss your freedoms goodbye, and United Nations Agenda 21/30 will go in to affect as they take control of everything, and people are confined to the city, and monitored, and more strict law enforcement action against them for everyone is watching out for crime, as well as monitored by technology where you better hope it is not against the law to fart for you will be busted.

For once the nations come together you are not dealing with America anymore, but you are dealing with the world, and they are not playing at all this time.

They have no idea who they are messing with, and a set of beliefs that rival any other belief system ever in the history of mankind, making them way more dangerous and cruel, and not caring about anybody but their own elite, superior self.

The African Americans are being played, and they do not realize it, and the government is saying protest, baby, protest, come to poppa.

For once the nations come together with their solution to have peace on earth it is a whole new ball game with control of the people, and the people of the inner circle of the occult that believes they are elite and superior do not care about the people like the leaders of the past did.


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2011
You would do yourself a favor not to talk that way. Jesus defeated satan and if you are a Christian, you would do well not to joke about the devil. The devil loves that and you hurt yourself to speak of that spirit that way.

Far too often people forget they are supposed to believe in Christ and what He stands for when they write in these forums.
Just saying. I don't think even Satan would make you excuses for assaulting elderly people


Senior Member
Feb 9, 2014
Oh yes, the one who ushered sin and death into the Garden would surely draw the line at pushing the elderly.

Guy's gotta have a code :ROFL:

Just saying. I don't think even Satan would make you excuses for assaulting elderly people