Viganò on 2020 Pontifical Yearbook: Did Pope Francis abandon the title 'Vicar of Christ'? Yeah, he did!

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Mar 5, 2020
An almost defiant gesture — one might say — in which Francis transcends every title. Or worse: an act to officially alter the Papacy, by which he no longer recognizes himself as guardian, but becomes master of the Church, free to demolish it from within without having to answer to anyone. In short, a tyrant.

I have friends who have started to doubt they're going to stay with the church under this Pope. He's a radical. And now this back in March. Maybe he is the Antichrist. He's said gays will go to heaven, good atheists too. He's the first Jesuit elected to the seat.

A friend of mine thinks with this latest move that we'll soon hear Frank contracted Coronavirus and died.

Not an improbability considering that John Paul I was found in his bed dead of a heart attack after just 33 days. No post-mortem, which is the only way to determine CoD. And this happened after he made known he was going to put an end to the moratorium against artificial birth control.