Zero chance, zero - no smoking gun, a smoking saw.

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Senior Member
Feb 10, 2017
US senators say they are confident the Saudi crown prince was linked to the murder of a Saudi journalist, following a private CIA briefing.

Senator Lindsey Graham said he had "high confidence" Mohammed bin Salman knew in advance about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

The South Carolina Republican described the Saudi royal as "a wrecking ball" and "crazy" and "dangerous".

"You have to be wilfully blind not to come to the conclusion that this was orchestrated and organised by people under the command of MBS," Mr Graham said, using the crown prince's initials.

The senator said he could not support arms sales to Saudi Arabia as long as the Saudi crown prince remained in power, or the kingdom's war in Yemen.

"There is not a smoking gun - there is a smoking saw," the senator added, referring to Khashoggi's alleged dismemberment.

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Well-known member
Aug 29, 2018
I pray no one is able to conjure in their imagination what this poor man suffered. Because to know he was tortured and ultimately dismembered is bad enough. His family, his poor family. The last time they saw their loved one are the last memories they'll have forever until the headlines bring to the world the report of how he left this world.

Justice will be served I'm sure. In this life. Be it man's prosecution of man. Or life taking its toll. Because people that do things that evil can never forget what their eyes saw, their ears heard, and their hands did to that one thought deserving to die by torture. For whatever the cause of such evil was.
God's peace surrounds him now. May God continue to bring strength and comfort to the family and friends for whom it is not over given it remains news.
And may justice find a way. Amen.