A Ready Heart

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Poetic Member
Nov 24, 2013
Still my favorite- received May 7, 2013

A Ready Heart


What could I offer to You O My King?
What is of worth, would I have to You bring?

Nothing but purest of gifts are You worthy..
My hands and my heart seem so empty..

My Child, it's not sacrifice that I am pleased with
I gave You the best gift that man cannot match.

It's your yes and amen, I believe You My Father
Yes Lord I trust You...my heart is stedfast..

But is that enough O My Father to trust You?
Can I stand fast in the day of our trouble?
What will we do when our days rise up evil?
And darkness is covering this land?

You shine like the Son with the light I have given
My Child it is brighter than day of your sun.
I've given you oil in your lamp and will guide you
Your footsteps won't falter, your race will be won.

I'm asking you stand and confess what I tell you
Stand and confess what you see with my eyes
For others You'll stand as the rock in my temple
Leading and guiding them home.

This is the offering with which you will please me.
Of mankind that's lost yet in darkness of sin
To be as My own Son in giving Me full heart
No other gift precious as life full of Him.

I'll pour in you oil that is that which is purest
The oil that flowed out of My Sons sacrifice
The first drops of oil that is golden and clearest
The bruising of healing oil flowing of love.

As healing drops flow over wounds of long standing
the light of My Presence will glow forth of glory.
I'll shine ever brighter in lives of this flowing..
My oil is the source, and you Child are the Bride. .

My Son is now ready and waiting for my call

To rise up and open the door to His Bride..
It's soon O my Children, this world soon is passing
Your King is coming...His light will abide.

This is the gift of you that I would ask Child.
Your faith in believing releases My oil
It's light is for leading those yet who are captured
in places of darkness, alone, and forlorn.

Jesus, shine in and out of me.

The purest oil of the olive is that which drops without pressure or with the slightest pressure upon the olive. The crushed olives grade is least then. That which is precious to Father...is the heart that says,

" I believe Your Son is enough for me, Father."