A Woman by the Well

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Active member
Jul 19, 2019
There’s a picture that I see;
There’s a woman by a well.
Exhausted and fatigued,
Discouraged and alone.

Excommunicated by society,
She has no place to go.
If only they knew her story,
Her struggles and her fears.

Isolated from community,
She must face life alone.
No shadow in which to rest,
The blazing sun beats upon her head.

The coldness of rejection
Contrasted with the scorch of scorn.
She makes it to her destination,
Body, soul, and spirit - torn.

This is her lot, this is her portion,
A life of isolation.
Though death is inviting,
Her inner struggles keep her fighting.

Instilled inside a lonely soul
Is a seed of life and hope.
A seed she has treasured, nurtured, tended,
A seed she has grown.

Though stunted by the hardened face of man,
Is an Image of a loving God.
Creator, Saviour, friend –
She dares to comprehend.

As she makes the pilgrimage again
Across the desert sands,
Through tear-stained eyes,
She looks upon a Man.

He breaks the isolation,
He makes a conversation!
How long has she waited?
How long has she been alone?

The gentleness in His Voice,
The compassion in His Eyes,
In a Word He redeems her,
Restores her, adds value to her worth.

I know you,
I see you, I love you.
I have upheld you from birth.

Find comfort, find rest,
Find Shelter in Me.
I have come to love you,
I have come to set you free.
Feb 28, 2016
please tell hub and myself IF this was your original POEM???
Feb 28, 2016
we always appreciate gifted writers/thinkers/lovers of others...


Active member
Jul 19, 2019
we always appreciate gifted writers/thinkers/lovers of others...
Thanks to both of you :)

There is a truth to be told
on every page of the Word;
The more I behold,
The more I wonder -
Is it them, or is it me?
As our stories intertwine,
I realize the Divine mystery...