Almighty Lord Of All

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Senior Member
May 23, 2017
Almighty Lord Of All - by me

My love for Christ is like a thunderous waterfall,

The wellsprings of eternal life pour out as my heart pants for God.
The streams of life flow around me and into the throne,
As God satisfies all my needs.
My deepest troubles, my greatest despairs, will all be soothed by God in time,
I’ll be joyful for eternity, only distantly remembering the pains of the trials of this life.

God will honor my deepest wishes to be in communion with him for all time. God will honor my need of making Christ my Lord and Savior. God will grant me the desires of my heart.
God is the greatest good, and he does what he does for the benefit of his creation. He saves, he restores us, and he alone rescues us from Death.
We will be the first fruits of his bountiful harvest. Joy, Honor, and Peace will reign supreme in eternity, without the chance of Sin rearing its ugly head, for it was put to death on the cross.
God has purified us by pressing down on us, crushing us, turning us into diamonds.
Each day we groan with anticipation for heaven…. ETERNAL JOY!
Each day we toil for the cause of Christ on earth, for we are the keepers of his word.
Our prayers causes the heavens to shake and move as mighty Angels descend into the fire of our crises on Earth. Healing ensues after the pain. After the child is born, the mother’s labors are over.
We all like the unborn, waiting to be born into our true home by our true Father.
Nothing will ever separate us from his unfailing love, truth, mercy, and justice.
All will be reconciled to him, all will be judged by him.
Some judged to eternal life, others judged to eternal condemnation. The only different?
The eternal Son, Christ, the forgiveness of our sins through his own shed blood.
Who is this God, who would shed his own blood for our forgiveness of our own wrongs?
None other than Christ Jesus, the Almighty Lord of All!


Senior Member
May 23, 2017
The Long Hike by me

Welcome, friend, to the longest hike you’ve ever been on.
You’ll get sick, tired, depressed, and lonely on the longest hike,
You’ll experience peaks and valleys,
Rain and shine,
Sickness and health,
O’ where is the final destination!
Some may think the grave,
But alas there is one, with the power to save.
Death is not my destiny, eternal life is mine.
My sin was nailed to the cross, by a man so divine.
I sow and reap life, I burst out of the grave!
Due to the man, with the power to save.
Death may want to take me on a date, to steal my life away.
However I belong to one greater, with the power to save.

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus Christ the Lord,
Man of God, Word of the Spirit, wielder of the 2 edged sword,
Off with death's head, eternal life is mine,
For on that rugged Cross, bled a man so divine.
Head of the household, we know him by name,
Jesus Christ has himself rebuked ALL of my shame.

Sep 6, 2017


Senior Member
May 23, 2017
[h=1]A Loving Lord by me[/h][FONT=&quot]A loving Lord,
A God of all,
Made man clothing,
After the fall.
Suffered as one of us,
To pay our crime.
He’ll restore us all,
In a matter of time.
God of dignity, God of grace,
One day we will all see his face.
Eternal joy awaits ahead,
After one, in Christ, appears dead.
Death shall pass away, and be no more.
God will save us, EVERMORE!


Senior Member
May 23, 2017
[h=1]He Loves Us![/h][FONT=&quot]Fire in my heart,
Redeemer of my spirit,
Gave me a new start,
For him I believe it!
He rose from the dead,
To conquer our foe,
He made us from scratch,
Like a soft mold of dough.
He loves us! He loves us!
We cry with glee,
Nobody compares,
To his majesty!


Senior Member
May 23, 2017
I Suffer

In Pain mixed with Anguish mixed with Faith,
I suffer silently,
Crippling depression is mine.
My parents love me, for sure.
Everyone else just wants to Use me.
I’m tired. How long, Oh Lord, must I Suffer!
How long, Oh Lord, until you wipe away all my tears!
I feel the pressure of torment... Mine own torment torments me!
Like being stuck under the sea,
Pressure builds! Lava flows! The hot, searing pain of anguish!
The futile, lingering pain of depression!
Why would God create me, just to let me suffer?
Why must I suffer all the day! Does anyone even care but myself?
On the outside… I have everything.. a car.. a home.. a job.
On the inside I’m empty as an old man’s Tomb. Filled with dead bones and dust!
I believe in this life I am called to suffer! The bible tells me to rejoice in it!
Sometime’s I wish I never existed! What a life that would be!
Death seems like the easy way out! What a seductress!
She hands me wine filled with poison,
And offers me a drink of everlasting peace,
But like all gifts from Satan, it is a lie!
My only consolance,
Is that Christ himself was a man of suffering,
He drank the cup of God’s wrath,
And bled freely for me.
In my turn God calls me to suffer!
Live life with your years passing you by as a simple office worker!
Watch everyone you know grow up to be enslaved into that same system
Of working until you retire then die.
Oh, the false peace of death! She puts on her red lipstick and wants to kiss me!
While I long for the final embrace, I fight all the day long to avoid the sweet kiss!
An atheist says it’s final, death is the end. I know that is a lie. As a Christian, I am promised eternal life!
I’m excited for that life as long as I’m not suffering in it!
My life is suffering all the day long,
My agony rots my bones.
No doctor can fix me. No therapist can heal me.
I’m broken, Lord.
Utterly ruined. I reject myself! How can YOU Accept me!
I long for the final Kingdom of Everlasting peace,
I fight against the seductress of Death. Please keep her far from me, O’Lord!
While I must suffer all the day, every day!
While my days rot in agony!
Lord, please revive my days! Give me life! To the fullest!
Until the day of the Lord’s coming,
I suffer!
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Senior Member
May 23, 2017
Christ, My Only Hope

My Only Hope is in Christ,
The one who can heal blind eyes,
Power to raise the dead,
Is the way, the truth, and the Life.
Without Christ’s resurrection I myself lay dead forever in an endless void,
I am not my own savior! For I have my own sin to pay for.
Christ, the Living God, Paid it all.
He paid for my past, present, and future sin,
I will do my best not to test him.
Sin is pleasure fleeting, Christ is pleasure eternal.
Future wedding of Eternity, God the bridge groom, us his bride.
He upholds me, and has no time for pride.
Praise His Holy Name Forever Amen,
Power and Glory to the one who came and rose again!