Battling the winds and the wave

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Senior Member
Mar 4, 2018
This is one of my most disorganized poems written for the neccesity of freeing my mind.... sorry for the miscellaneous arrangement, written pure and unedited......might not be easy to understand but that's the point... betweeon God and i.. enjoy.

I'm lost, utterly confused and dumbfounded
The trials of this life too difficult to comprehend
I'm sitting here trying to figure out if i made the right choice or not
I'm battling the winds and the waves
Praying to God to take his place
Slowly seeking, begging and asking for grace.
Too much to ask? Why?
This is my whirlpool, my tempting temptations guarded by the doubts of the heart.
Love, peace : too much to ask? Why?
Abandoned here, there.... left alone for my cross to bear, lost in the state of confuzzlement

I pray, think, ask, hope, don't want to be alone, seeking love, seeking his face, seeking you.
Too much to ask? Why?
It's my war zone, grace or fake, win or be stumbled, attack or be countered.
It's a storm i'm left alone to face
Battling the winds and the wave.
Tears, scares, fears bottled up in my head
Waiting to be released into the air
I beg, plead, seek, wanting to be heard
Too much to ask?
Being let down, disappointed, not sure, all formed fake, easy to break, hard to tame, unable to face.
Battling the winds and the wave


Senior Member
Feb 22, 2018
Very nice, young lady. I could definitely relate to much of what you wrote in my own life.