Beach and a Flat Castle

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Mar 29, 2013
A KID was asked if he wanted an ice cream. But the kid shook his head

I don't

wanna eat
dirty ice cream

and the boy went to beach to play.

The child looked the sands, formed a depth in his imagination, he wanted to build a castle. He took the toy shovel and dug holes. The child have already seen a tragedy. He knew the horror personally. He already ran desperately. After all...

he was a child of war

He said to himself, "Enemies who wanna destroy the castle will gonna fall on these traps." He meticulously measured the distances between them using a stick. He stood, walk and kneel. Stood walk and kneel. Stood walk and kneel. He planted some crabs on some of the holes. He clasped his hand.
"THIS is for cutting my Big Bro's hair,' he uttered it with mischievous grin on his face. He covered the holes with starfishes. And finally, he made sponges his fortress walls. "No two would rob me. They can't hug me nor mug me. I have troops."

Then he imagined what his big castle would look like. It must be strong. It must be elegant. It must be tough. But is there a limit...? Well, the sand is infinite and so is his imagination. So he sat on his ankles and drew the castle with his finger.

a tall castle that can't be seen from afar will never be seen again

2 hours passed. It took him 2 hours to draw and he was really exhausted. He was very proud. So he stood up and "wanna" brag it to the old man earlier except that he immediately fell on his butt.

'Ow ow ow,' he murmured it as if he were singing in staccato, 'My leggies are ouchy.'

That was bit painful. Poor kid, he cramped his legs. He must have tried his best. He tried his best to stand by foot but... nah, he just sit there. He got lazy to walk. He turned his head left and gaze the orange horizon. Sunset, huh. 'why does sun always go up and down? it's like an ant, it doesn't rest from its work. Maybe the sun came from the ants. Yes! it has to be. Mama said "like father, like son' That explains why the sun is restless. That also explains why sweat smells sour. '
(... Surely, he did not know the Earth was rotating around the sun). He's tired. As in reeaally tired. But at the same time,
he was proud. Maybe the proudest boy ever. His mother would be very proud if she was there.

But Mama is already

He went back to the ice cream man and asked whether he could have an ice cream. He got vanilla flavor. He licked it. He liked it. He deserved it. He was like a puppy though, wagging his foot up and down.
"Son, remember this. Ice melts. It is being consumed by its surrounding. The jealous air will try to discourage the proud and confident ice no matter what. And it will succeed... So, before it melts, you have to enjoy that bit of glory. Even if it doesn't last long, you must― "
'HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! My ice cream is gone. What happened?'
"Oh dear... It's because you ate it, my boy. Now go back to your place and guard your masterpiece."
He went back angrily as he pouted his lips. He walked with his arms closed

my lips is ouchy cold

As he was searching for his castle, he realized he was already on the waters. He looked around and scratched his head in confusion. He went to the left. His glorious work was not there. He went to the right. His glorious effort was not there as well. He went back again to the left but nothing is to be found...what happened?

He sprang furiously from his place and screamed. Confused and uncertain, he cried, "wehre's my cstale? wehre's my trpoos? Tehy should hvae prtoetced it. Wehre's Gerenal Krabs?" He swung his head to the left. It wasn't there. He swung his head to the right. It wasn't there. He kept swinging his head desperately that his world starts to spin.But he still ran as if he was chasing someone dearly important. i ran and ran and fell. My castle is nowhere to be found.
"Where is my castle..." the boy breathed, the boy puked. the boy shoved his face. It's gone.

and he cried again

It is getting dark and the boy stood and went back to the ice cream man.
"Yer like a scary clown from the radio. What happened to your face?" the old man was bit bewildered.
'...sands and ice cream on my face' the boy continued to walks, unable to look at his eyes.
'... '
"Wipe your face first."
'how? my white shirt's gonna be dirty(although it already is).'
"Here's a towel. It's clean."
'... are you sure?'
'... i am sorry'

"I see. It must've been hard"
"... "
'... '
"... "
'i did my best, Dada"
"Yes I know, I am proud of you"
'But your favorite towel is stained'
"Doesn't matter. We're going home, anyway."
'... '
'I made a castle. Me, Big bro, Dada and Mama was there. I made strong soldiers so that Mama and Big Bro won't be harmed by bad guys if they come to the castle. I remember when Mama used to wash my wounds. Big Bro always scolded me after that. Dada. Big brother was a strong solder wasn't he?
"He surely was."
'but why are we the only left in our house?'
"... Your Big Bro did his best."
'his ship never returned. You told me he found a mermaid in the ocean so he never returned. Can't he visit us once in a while? Why did he marry that mermaid from the ocean anyway?'
"I'm sorry, son. Your Big Brother is with your Mama now. They are watching us up there."
'... really? '
'So, did they see my castle?'
"Sure they did"

Okay, let's go home, son. It's getting cold here. Oh. I forgot"
The man took something from his pocket.
"Remember when Mama used to give you candies? You don't stop crying when she doesn't give you candies. You love the sound of candies being bit. Here. Take them."
The child took the candies with his hands. He looked at them for while and he put the others in the pocket. He threw the candy wrapper and put the candy on his lips. Then he put it in his mouth. For a moment, he felt someone tapped his head

tear began to flow on the child's cheeks. he tried to stop it with his hands so that his Dada won't see it but it keeps on gushing.

"??He-hey, what's the matter? Did I say something bad?"
'no..' he replied, 'umm... nothing'
"What's the matter, son?"
'I tasted many candies but I don't like apple flavor. I hate you Dada.'
'I like strawberry better.'
"wha― You brat! At least be grateful!"
'hehe chase me if you can Dada:rolleyes:'

The father hugged the boy and the brat embraced his Dada. The father kissed his boy.

i love you Dada

father and son.jpg
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