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Junior Member
Sep 17, 2013

Because our mothers, fathers

Dishonored marriage in all,

Called the adultery- their

Iniquities-caused good, all

The goody-two-shoes housewives

Evil. They thought their knives

Called one flesh false, families

Discardable, husbands new

Scapegoats to blame all in all.

That is why the forsaken

Children of this faithless, vile

Generation do not trust

Pastors, mothers, governments,

Turn farther to dark from light

Because you say you love us

But would not even bother

To spank us- made it outlaw

Would not bother as we cried

For help, “mamma!” “Dadda!” But naught

A word - parties to go to..

Refused ‘teach us how to live

That is why sociopaths-

Thee call us- calling kettles

Black indeed - do not trust you.

Because when we see babies

For the first time, not soon thence

We learn you kill them- sweet these,

Before they are born. Then the

Next day tell us “I love you

So much! I would never hurt

You.” Cataclysmic distrust

Of baby killers who claim

‘Love their babes so much’ they thrust

Their father sore: like a lunch

Order- praise themselves. So thus

If we were in your belly

We were not loved, but now we

Are? Get away from us! Thee

Monster-generations! See

We are stuck in the prison

You fashioned from our grandad’s

World, bought with their blood,

An age of evil, suffering,

Like none other has aspired

That is why we do not give

Our hard-earned money in tithes

To the devil’s bankers, blissed

In White overcoats, who did

Ride our family bodies

To pulpit-riches, why we

Would mock you in your file, when

Reports come that most of these

Hypocrites cheat, sodomize,

Why we gather in small groups

On soft, windy nights, play, eat,

Wonder if there was a church?

That’s why we do not trust you-

We see that Paul took care of

His sheep. You left us to wolves:

Divorce-hungry and wicked;

Adultery in God’s house;

Do not care for the children

Who were broken; worship thou

Your gods of wealth, deamons, the

goddess, hell. Bleeding families

Left to die, expelled from these

Pulpits stained with the blood’a ‘we

(Who) do not trust you. One-flesh-three:

Hunted to extinction. These

Our pastors, kings, parents, ye

Not only let the wolves these

Deamons into God’s house but

Became the same. Rabid thee

Company, generation-

Casting kids, dads on the fires

‘Your idols. Baal, Marx, Free-Love,

Feminism.. you name it

We who were appointed to

Death by our own parents ‘fore

We were born, spoiled, abused, then

Broken of family, then

Thrown out by pharisees, then

Kicked on the road by these same

… Why would you ever think.. whence

How could you ever think… we

Could trust you?… Turn, you most vile,

‘Mayhap all generations

While there is still an hour- site

Christ with all your heart, sackcloth,

Grief ‘your eyes…

Finally we

Trusted only God,- barely-

Because our elders showed us

‘Stead the face ‘Jesus The Beast.

We could never trust much ‘ye,

We came back to only trust

In our Jesus, Our Father,

Many grandfathers-faithful,

Now home.

Trust us,

Believe Christ.