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What can be said,
About love,
About life.
What's it all about?

A plague and an unending cycle with no respite of agony it has been.

No more, truly I've long since given up the mindless quest for answers that will never come.

It's exhausting you know,

That thing we all do. That process in which we try and make sense of all the things that hurt us. Endless times where we zone out to focus and see if we can understand why life played out a certain way.

Why they did what they did to us. Overall, why does it still linger? Why does it bother me? Why do I still care when I don't want to… In my mind, I've played the same scenes a thousand times. Always void of conclusions and real answers.

I have been stupid, too trusting, severely dissapointed that my heart was taken advantage of- and yet, even in all my anger, I wish things went back to before it all fell apart.

Could you imagine? If there was still a window, a chance, an opportunity to make things real again and bypass the bad.

Would you take it?

Could we make what was pretend real this time? If you're willing, then I'm willing. What does it take? Surely it wasn't all a pharse. Truly there were moments where the real you shone through the person you were pretending to be.

For those brief moments when you really were just you, I'm eranestly ready to start something new.

Instead of running away because the jig is up. Let me discover the real you, the one that felt the same things I did. I'm not naive. Through your fake persona you let your real emotions slip sometimes and I found them beautiful everytime.

Don't elope with shame and embarrassment, face it together with me, let's start fresh. Let's make a do-over. I'm not good at this.. If I reach out, will you take my hand? Don't let this chance pass. I can forgive.. if you show me who you really are.

If you let me go, you'll kill the hope that binds my bones together. I know I started out as simple entertainment. But you can make me such much more.

Please tell me that I'm not wrong about you, that for a fraction of a second you dropped your guard and we became real.

Only you can make all those pretty lies into truths.

Well then,
This is life.
So what's it all about?



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Aug 7, 2018
Your words touched me.