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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
I love you like a morning flower
Covered with the evenings dew,
I love you at each waking hour,
As the sun comes peeking through.
I love you like the calm
Of a quiet starlit night,
And softly rippling waters
That sparkle in the moonlight.
I love you when you're near me
And more when you are away,
I can feel your softness in my hands
And your precious heart is here to stay.
I love you when I think of you,
Sitting in the coolness of the shade,
And seeing the dancing of your eyes,
So full of life and never afraid.
I love to hug you in the morning,
At the starting of the day,
And even more at the ending of the day
You reach me so deeply in every way.


Love!love!love your poems sir DustyRhodes ❤ I can see Christ living in you ❤

God bless you ❤
Sep 6, 2017


I love you too DustyRhodes! ❤️❤️