Crown of life

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May 3, 2022
Pray, pray it said,
Ask, ask and receieve,
Seek, seek it said,
Ever and anon I find myself drawn, conforming to the things of this world, going against every commandment of the Father, the very law of liberty,
Lord, Lord, Father my heart cries.
In this very sin, your heart cries,
Lord daily search,
Daily chase after me for I know you are right even when I choose to be tempted,
When I choose to suffer lust its free course,
When I cower in fear that "people are looking, watching. I feel ashamed" instead of declaring that gospel that saved ohh wretched man that I am.
Instead of doing it, knowing I have a reward.
A crown of life.

Day after day,
Lay after lay,
My thoughts wander upon this,
Upon the reality of reward in bliss,
Upon the reality of me only knowing about this and not working towards it,
Paul warned, Paul warned strongly,
Pray that I be delivered from diversities worldy,
Pray that I open my mouth to speak boldly,
James in his poetic glidings says I'm a man that beholds himself, nay, his natural face as in glass and straightway forgets.
Jesus said the man is likened unto one whom thorns have choked the seeds planted in his heart.
Father, Father.
Invoke your power.