Each Day He Lifts Me To A Higher Place

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
In A Forest Of Green God Speaks To Me,

Through the whistling of the pines
A soft wind sings a lilting haunting tune.
Bearing down upon a young mind of
Curiosity that casts a gentle fear of
Things unknown and yet as soon as
It created fear, it also created a gentle
Peace of understanding that all along
It was the voice of a greater power
Speaking not in words but rather touching
My soul with joy that I had never known.
First the whistling was strong and then
It became a calm and who it came from
I couldn't have known but soon became
Clear to me although I could not see that
It would alter a life of little understanding
From being a child to life unending as the
Years went by I came to know Who and why
The power of his voice snatched my heart
Forever calling, forever leading, forever Father.
Sep 6, 2017