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Active member
Aug 4, 2019
Something came over me to write this at a random burger joint yesterday, as I was waiting for my food. Somehow, I find myself simply loving people more and more since I rediscovered Christianity. I don’t always like what they say, or how they act, but I feel I love them beneath it all. I share my thoughts with you here, openly and without edits, just as they came. Thanks for reading.

Drunk on Lord I walk around
And look at you all
I love your faces
I love your bodies
I love your immortal souls
Some of you are tall
Some of you are short
Some of you are dark
Some of you are light
Some of you are thick
Some of you are thin
But I love you all the same

I love you all the same
though not always things you do

Drunk on Lord I walk around
Drunk on Lord I walk around
I walk around a simpleminded man
I know not where I’m going
But I do know why I’m here

I walk around drunk on Lord
On the way out I dropped a $20, and someone let me know. There are good people everywhere. Let’s never forget that.


Well-known member
Jun 2, 2019
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for loving ppl regardless of what they appear as,tall,short, thick,thin etc ect. I agree the basic human factor is not to be evil but be good unless they are under evils influences. There are good and also hurting troubled ppl out there that just need kindness and acceptance. Most of us know right from wrong and don't need judgements thrown at us,we need love; Jesus love on display! Blessings on your journey back,may He light your way fully!