First Love

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Well-known member
Apr 23, 2019
He holds me by my right hand
I can feel His warmth beside me
We talk all night and day
I can't stop thinking about Him
I get out of bed because I know He waits for me
He is my Father
I am His child
He takes care of me
Always breathing into me

I'm like a school girl in love
I have a best friend
The intimacy makes me feel like a dove
I know His ways and He knows me
He shows me what He needs
He shows me His paths
I know what is pleasing to Him

His pleasures are forevermore
Coming at me in every direction
Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed
Overwhelmed with heavy adoration
I'm not much of a singer but I can't help it
I open my mouth and my tongue moves
I worship Him and thank Him
I praise Him
All the days of my life

When I am busy working
My mind goes back to Him
A smile forms on my lips and I feel like crying
I cannot fathom how such a lovely being
The perfect, innocent one
Could love me so much
To give Himself for me
He is my First Love
He is my Savior
He is my Everything


Well-known member
Apr 1, 2019
Sums it up nicely! Just reading this makes me in awe of HIM. Like if we were 2 high school gals and you were telling me this about this Man I'd be all like "I want that!"