Freesytle Rhyme (Poem)

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Hold the phone,
I think I'm going to write a poem.
Got some rhyme this time.
I hope you don't mind that I rhyme nearly all the time.
I don't think my rhyme would be effected even if I were blind.
Praise God I can still see,
It's so nice to be me.
Perhaps this poem will be a seed,
Something to inspire me to write more.
But for now this one will keep me on the floor.
That is unless it cause you such a bore,
Then you might kick me and my poem right out the door.
But I pray you won't kick me out the door,
I just want to have fun, so I shouldn't be a bore to you,
But I assure you, that in order to write nonsense like this, your brain needs to be made of goo.
Oh goo, is so great,
I mean for heaven sake,
goo and glue, makes things stick together,
Without many things would fall apart,
And you try to eat a broken pop-tart,
It wouldn't hold together,
And if you didn't have goo under the shingles,
They would blow up in the weather.
I praise God for that kind of tar,
But no to road tar, I hate it when I get that stuff on my car.
Has this rhyme gone too far?
Don't worry I don't go to bars,
I think beer tastes yucky.
Which means I'm not on a thing,
I just I think weird.