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Junior Member
Oct 10, 2017
My child of My Jesus Christ

Son of the most high say

unto ye, what have thou

gained if thou does not

believe in thy heart and soul

that which I have taught thee.

I have called upon thee often

My child, at thy door and at

times thou has forsaken Me

for the pleasures and business

of life.

My love for thee is unconditional.

My love for thee is freely given.

There is no attachments or

conditions to the love I give thee.

Why is it My child, that the love I

give so freely unto thee is not

freely given unto to those who

seek the compassion of My spirit.

I say unto thee feed the hungry, in

mind, soul and spirit pour forth the

love of My spirit and become true

stewards of My love that dwells

within thee.

Forsake not those put before thee,

cast not away the undesirable, or

downtrodden, pour thy love upon

them giving them hope where there

is none.

What ye do in My name and spirit

and unto others pour out freely, let

my light shine down upon them.

Your reward of giving shall not go

unnoticed, but come back to thee


Remain alert My child in your giving

for what ye give unto others, might

just be given unto Me.

Fear not in thy giving, or make barriers

of distrust in your decisions of giving,

for I the Son of Father shall be with thee.

Come My child lets go forth together

slaying the enemy with love, compassion

and sharing, so more shall know Me.