God's Kingdom parable/poem

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May 24, 2019
small beginnings are the seeds of hope that arise God's kingdom and a blade without a parable yields a kingdom of thorns! Hear my words without a parable, have you not a great teacher?

Sickness grows from the soil, and mustard seeds grow within doubt, in their present life- forming able hearts for God's kingdom, all the while becoming more receptive to lonliness in the evening, and sudden great fatigues are hidden within downdrafts of doubts; demonstrating nature's authority over laws, that are sown to demonstrate that even the wind and the seas obey him, Peace be still!- The kingdom of God is receptive and yielding without fear.

Let us go , A farmer will be added to you, do you still have no faith?, He is to you a personal eyewitness, an antidote to fear calming and displaying the Divine power of the Lord, healing sicknesses, performing miracles, he is as alone as a man fallen away like a scattered seed on the ground by it's self.

As he spoke to those around him he awoke the waves, leaving the crowds a great feeling of peace ! And he said," The kingdom of God has fallen away who has ears to hear? Let us go understand the measure of God's true purposes" Fleeing from God and restoring people to God, he rests on the cushion of the kingdom speaking in parables,and he was able to hear the cares of the world.

He arose coming to the light and he said,"the light reveals all things , nor is anything secret except that which has not come to the light" .. He said the secret of the kingdom of God in the shade, and those who were listening said,"Teacher put under the ones sown to fall away!"Leaving them he replied "why are you afraid they are the ones who hear the Word and believe"

Doubt suddenly ceased, his nature awakened those who were with him, authority over sickle and harvest for the last judgment was conveyed to him .

He awoke him and said, "let us go to them and demonstrate the introduction for God's kingdom" Jesus rises restoring his authority over the kingdom of the Sea, the violent demonic world to God, and on that day with great fatigue and violent sickness reminding them he said ," the earth arises on the account of God all the garden grows slowly with great fear in the stern cares of the world Fearfully they replied,"Do you not care that we are perishing?" they are right to fear what he says to them, Jesus displays His Divine power while he taught, "have you still no faith added to you he said? Others endure persecutions filled with great fear among the deceitfulness!"

"Should a man choke the world? what shall the Kingdom account violence that arises on it's own? It is like a boat to the sea, perishing without a word! Violence ceased by itself whenever he taught you with great faith! The student grew into a man and said, " Teacher why are you perishing? have you great fear, no faith? Immediately he said to him, " a grain of mustard seed rises on account of the ones that have fallen astray the fruit tree grows shaking her food into the boats during a windstorm, filling themselves eternal life they say,"we worship the Father Himself!" Having receiving wages from harvest they said to the wanting and oppressed " it is the fruit for eternal life, eat away we are no longer in need of the Savior of the world!"