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Senior Member
Sep 17, 2016
Golgotha is the place of the skull. My soul desperately with exhaustion tries to reach the top of this hill but as if the hill was muddy with the tears and blood of all who died there. For every step I slide 2 steps back until the exhaustion and feeling of overwhelming torment meets me back at the bottom of the hill. Muddy, dirty, and face wet with tears I set my eyes on the top of this hill. Only to hear a whisper saying give up you are too dirty, stained and weak. You dont deserve it.

But just then a hand reaches down with a hole in its wrist. The man speaks to me and says, " The hill wasnt never meant for you to climb. " The man helps me to my feet, wipes away my tears, washed the stains from my failures and tells me I am free.

Jesus you did what I can not and God's grace I will never deserve. All I can say is thank you and until last breath proclaim your greatness.