Honest Heart

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2016
I prayed. I prayed as I always do. But suddenly, something happened. He gently touched my heart and said “It is really interesting, what you are saying, dear, but that’s not all you have in your heart. This time, there is something more.” I bowed my head in shame. He knows. He knows everything, and though, He didn’t get angry. He silently whispered: “Of course I know. And I want you to tell me. You don’t have to pretend that you are stronger than you really are.” And I understood. He doesn’t want me to pretend my strenght in my weakness, smile in my tears, and happiness in pain. He wants me to be ABSOLUTELY honest with Him. To be joyfully honest and desperately honest, but honest. So I started to pray. Honestly.

I cry to You, Lord.
Why the answer is silence?
Why is world around me
full of pain and violence?

I am here, broken up
into thousands of pieces.
They’re telling my story
with scars and with creases.

Help me see a reason,
help me see a light.
I’m drowning in the darkness,
in pain, in deep night.

It seems like You’re far away,
I can’t see a way.
Please, take it all away from me,
and please, stay.

Strenghten my faith in You,
and please, give me hope.
I can’t go anymore,
I want to go home.

To home, where You are
with Your mercy and glory.
Where there is love and joy,
and no more sad stories.

Take me away from here,
I beg You for this.
Please, be in my loneliness,
as You promised.

There's a little light ahead,
that goes up in flame.
I see Him, I see my King,
coming here with His fame.

Hardly I breathe
and my cheeks are wet,
but You give Your hand to me,
saying: “I'm not finished with you yet.”

And with this He soothed my soul,
my King writes mystory.
There will be love and joy,
and above all, His glory.

Thank you, my Saviour,
my King, my God,
for accepting all I have,
my honest, aching heart.
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Sep 6, 2017