How sad for God’s People it will be on that day

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Active member
Feb 18, 2020
How sad for God’s People it will be on that day

When all that took part in Babylon will have to pay

To deal with the many plagues she so rightfully earned

Thinking that what they do is sinless, is an error in pride, why haven’t they learned.

To take part in anything that can defile you or cause another to stumble is a sin

Yes causing a little One that believes in Him to do this, it would be better to be tied to a stone and into the deepest waters be casted in

It will keep you from the eternal Light that shine from within

For not coming out of her with all your warnings until after the line was drawn and God shuts the door

Now having to take part in God wrath, still needing to repent otherwise you are only going to be given more

How sad it will be on that day with all the tragic events, bitter weeping and gnashing of teeth

The day is almost here when all what displeases God into the lake of fire is heaved.

How sad that day when the veil is totally removed and man ponders his fate

Why did most of us work for the destruction of our world until it was way too late.

Am I working in a world destructive Job for a paycheck Justified by what I claim for the sake of my family, look at me I’m a Honorable Man

If we appear to have washed the outside of the cup and not the inside on Judgement Day’s arrival will you be able to stand?