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Jun 7, 2018
I exist
I see this world
I hear your voice
I feel your love

But who am I ?

A machine if without faith
A Stone if without wisdom
A Statue if without kindness
A Mirror if without love

But what I should be?

A tree if I deliver shade
A flower if I inspire
A Lion if I protect
and An angel if fight evil

But why it happens to me?

Because God says,

You are strong more than you think
You are wise more than they say
You have a talent to par this
You have a god to show light

But your life is a fight

Evil would test you
Luck would quit you
Love would trash you
But Hope will revive you

What if I believe in God?

Power would embrace you
Mind would cherish you
Happiness would hug you
Nothing will hurt you



Senior Member
Mar 11, 2014
I like this part

A flower if I inspire