In You

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Active member
Aug 4, 2019
I only want to know You, only You,
nobody but You...
and only through You to know everything else.

Without You sun is still the sun,
but it doesn’t draw us out.
River is still a river,
but it doesn’t foster memories.
Ocean is still an ocean,
but it doesn’t have its mysteries.
Without You friend is just a buddy,
wife is a just a partner,
child is just an offspring,
parent just a caregiver,
brother just a sibling.
Without You smile has lost its laughter,
words have no meaning,
body is without a soul...

Without You I’m a cluster of cells,
an oversized blastula,
born by accident and lasting for a second,
an animal to be recycled...
and in You I am a part of everything at once
a part of all in single One
an eternity in fraction of a second