Is Romance Dead?

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Jun 11, 2018
Most men want sex
It seems these days
Not love, so sad
Amidst the haze
Of instant love
The net can offer
It promises to
Like a sadistic scoffer

Cheap thrills it’s true
Not love these days
Not even the promise
Of the hot suns rays
No wooing, kissing innocently
Just requests to visit your home quickly

Is romance dead?
I do now ask
The answer obtained
Is no easy task

With romance movies
Titled so
Their synopsis reads
Rather pornographic...oh!

Whatever happened to the golden age
Could it be foreseen our time
By the most depressed sage?

Who upon looking into
The future here
Found love was dead
Compared to yesteryear

Divorce, separation, sexual identity confusion
Love now resembles
A passionless union

Dating apps lure the innocent woman
Where men of ill intent go to scratch their itch on

No waiting, pursuing, testing,
Now all seems fast
Like McDonald’s coffee brewing

Chastity gone
Women cry
Chivalry dead
From men who lie

To get what they want
Without earning
Satisfying only
Their physical yearning

Hearts forgotten
Broken, trampled
The rules foresaken
By lust so ample

When will we remember those beautiful days
When romance blossomed
In the suns eternal rays?

Now all I know is
The days are evil
Men are carnal
Women are feeble

I long for courtship
From a gentleman
And a shimmer of light
Says that I can

See the resurrection
Of romance once more
And God whispers to me
Louder than before

He bends his knee
To touch my soul
With words of faith
To make me whole

As I incline my ear
To hear Him speak
“The romance that lives is the love you seek”

And now I know
Romance is not dead
For the God of love
Did lift my head

Copyright Delightfulsoul 2018