letter of love:)

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Sep 23, 2015
Hello dear my besties. How have you been?
I've missed you more each day.
I write to tell you that I wait, for you to look my way
I always see you through the day, I softly call ur name
Still you pass by so quickly. Does our love remain the same?

The sunsets I have made for u, the moonloght and each star
You never stop to look and see the beauty near and far
I miss my time alone with you, I long for u to pray
To speak the love inside ur heart the words you need say

Can u feel the tears I weep for u fall gently to it bed
Each time I watch you fall asleep with so much left unsaid?
This love I keep for u inside. If only you could see.
I wonder do you love me still? How much do you miss me?
I scared u forget me now.

Do u know how much I love u? Do you know that still I care?
Can u feel my arms around you when. The world brings despair?
Since time began I've hoped that you would the love I send
To reach ur hands out to me and call me ur dear best friend

Before u even knew my name I made a home for u
To live with me forever. Far beyond the color blue
I thought of u, will come back to me
You could not truly live until I gave my life for u

So I've sent to you a message spoken on the evening breeze that I will always here but why u not here?
My love fills all creation. The rock. The stars and seas
The colors in each sunrise. The mist and shades of gold
Each day speaks of my love for u, always my heart you hold
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I love this poem...God has definitely given you a gift for writing poetry. :)
Jun 1, 2016
its not a big deal, But i own the copyrights to this :) i just noticed someone changed the title and a couple words .....

the Link popped up when i posted it tonight. Feel free to share as often as you wish, but copyright Laws exist for a reason. God bless you.


Junior Member
Apr 13, 2017
Your poem is so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your gift..
So sweet to read on Easter Sunday~
Easter blessings to you ❤