My Dear King.

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I wrote this poem sometime earlier this year, though it is still valid to read now too. As a reminder for me how I should watch myself, as how God sees me, and how I am seen through His Word. I need to be reminded of this, learning to see myself as I should in His truth. We are all so influenced by how this world sees and defines beauty, build up by lies ever since we get born into this world. True beauty is arrayed into holiness, shining forth in God's glory.

My Dear King.

When I mirror myself in your Word,
I am told that I am beautiful.
Because I am created in your image,
and your Word is always true.

I am a beloved daughter of you,
and you are my true Father.
I am a princess in your Kingdom,
and you are the everlasting King.

I can rejoice in your presence,
I can be free in your peace.
You fill me with abundantly joy,
and your love makes me confident in you.

Praise you in all weather,
being grateful for the way you provide.
Delighting myself in all seasons,
spring, summer, autumn and winter,
are all blessings from you.

Halleluya, lifting you up.
You are above all.
No one can go over your reign,
no one can climb up to where you are.

You are highest, above all.
It would be foolishness,
to try reaching up to where you are.
Because you are the most powerful one.

You sit on your throne,
with all power and might.
The elect angels surrounding you,
waiting for your given command.

Your reign lasts forever more,
and your goodness never ends.
We can sit in your shade of love,
where we will enjoy in and dwell
in your presence.

By: MorningFlower.