Oases of God

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New member
Aug 5, 2019
Oases of God

by Frank Lee Jennings
all rights reserved © copyright 2016

Psalm 110:2 NKJV
He shall drink of the brook in the way
Therefore He shall lift up the head

Psalms 110:7
He shall drink of the brook by the wayside;
Therefore He shall lift up the head

Eternal Oases of God

His praises come up in my mouth.
Not with my eye, within my heart,
I see, know He's here. I press ahead
though I'm often weak and perplexed

into that weakness He pours strength
replaces perplexity with clarity
weariness, with joyful energy
rising again I go forth in joy

praying, His strength flows to me.
Spiritual power, now I too can do all
things through Jesus Christ.
He'll never fail me nor leave me

men, friends, even kinsmen forsake me
I look as the psalmist, for love
a kind word, compassion, prayer
and yet abide alone, save for Jesus

but I trust He will turn things
turn hearts, change the seasons
hearts and faces He will turn to me
also He will change, turn me

I clasp the Master's garment as
we walk together into the wilderness
worshipping Him as we go
side by side on the narrow path

firey darts often fill the air
around me, fired to kill and wound
but God's armor protects me
I raise the shield of faith above

block the flaming arrows, lies
hear His words inside me, truth
absorb the peace He radiates
calmed by His spirit, I look ahead

wondering about beyond, but
I need not consider tomorrow
turning my meditation to Him
I recall past deliverances, grace

walking on, His joy lifts my heart
Faith, I will not let go of Him.
Faith, I will not stop. Faith,
He will never fail or desert me.

dark forces beset and wrestle me
assaulting my peace, I stand still
over and again His words, love
I recall, wisdom He's spoken to me

I speak God's promises again
pray in the spirit. Secrets from God.
Jesus, the only sure anchor, harbor
nothing else holds fast and secure

everything else must fail, fall, break
no matter how fierce or fearful, my
enemies flee before Him, vanish
tremble at the sound of His name

He freely gives me strength
to move forward, again do exploits
a joyful heart, peace with purpose
I'm walking on in life, never alone

a green rising now appears in
the quivering waves of heat
lush green growth near ahead
flowers by the flowing water

heat, pressure, assaults now fade
replaced by cool breezes of peace
they sweep over and around me
inside me, praise God, inside me

on the long, desert wilderness
journey of life, Jesus has guided
me to yet another oasis. His yoke,
light, easy and a joy to bear

adversaries, trouble, pressure, all
beat against us the pilgrims. Trying
to grind us down. Turn us aside.
He carries us on waves of grace

I stay in His glory as long as I might
rejoicing in His magnified presence
basking in the glow of His peace
refreshed in the rays of His power

I move on, but not from Him
or from His grace, but walk with Him
I journey on life's path He's set
the path to His heavenly city, oasis

He carries me forward with Him, for
in Him we live, move, have our being
His presence is the eternal oasis
that goes along, we need never leave

even as I journey forth and do battle
search and seek the lost
sowing seed by the way
watering seed sown by others

oases He grows inside us His children
those wearied in their journeys
He has prepared them before us
so where He is we may also be

an eternal oasis of peace and joy
flowing with living water
where we can freely drink
as we walk and do His will