~Oh My God, Why Must It Hurt So Much~

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Feb 9, 2019

"Oh, my God, Why must it hurt so?" ®
My child, you speak to me with words,
Because that is how you have learned to speak.
But I speak to you with feelings,
Feelings that you can recognize.
Sometimes I speak to you with Joy,
And feelings of Love and Peace and Serenity,
Of Comfort and a Knowingness about Yourself.
These feelings are those I would have you have,
As you follow My Path which I have set before you.
There are times, however,
When you set out on a path on your own,
A path that you need to travel.
But in that path that is not My Path,
I must warn you at times of your danger.
It is at those times that you know Pain,
Feelings of Aloneness, Despair and Agony.
These feelings, well, they are incomprehensible and demoralizing.
Sometimes the pain becomes very acute,
But that is the feeling that I must give you,
So that you will understand that you have strayed from My Path,
And that I wish for you to return.
You ask me why it must hurt so. Because,
You see, I have set you the Path
And have given you the instructions,
But you have refused to SEE and to HEAR.
Let this be a lesson.
You that can see, SEE, and You that can hear, HEAR.
If you can neither SEE nor HEAR, Then must you FEEL,
From the FEELING of your pain,
Will be accomplished your SEEING and HEARING,
And you will UNDERSTAND that