Poem of the day - True Love by walkinthelightalex

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Mar 25, 2018

Ahead of the sun, beyond where you see
In love that we share, our spirit is free
There’s nothing to hold on, to capture, to bear
Cause you don’t get to keep what you don’t get to share

So lift up your head and look in the sky
You are who you are and now is the time
To love one another, cause everyone can see
That when I give my love, it all comes back to me

Awaking and seeing through space and the time
The oness of love, its yours and its mine
The light always shines for us to see
How mighty and strong our love can be
With no hesitation, let us try and see
Cause when when I give my love, it all comes back to me

Now that I see through your life and mine
The oneness of love keeps growing with time
But don’t you keep it inside, just give it away
Cause the true love will come back in every way
So lift up your head and look at the sky
Right now is time for living, now is no time to die
Cause when I live my life with love, I can truly see
That when I give all of my love, it all comes back you to me

Lift up your head and smile I today
Cause the true love will come back in each and every way
The light shines in your heart you know and everyone can see
How the mighty love can truly set us free
And now that you know it, anywhere you see
In love that we share our spirit is free
And now that you feel it, anywhere you’d be
Love is the only place of peace inside you and me

Alex D.


Senior Member
Apr 18, 2017
Beautiful poem! :)
Oct 25, 2017
Yes! I agree :) beautiful poem ❤

Thanks for sharing :) God bless you ❤


I ask The LORD,
where should I go?
He whispered so gently,
so softly,
Follow my Spirits leading,
Now here I am in poetic beauty,
You poem is lovely,
Daughter of GOD!
Amen & Amen!

Love & Hugs!
Bella xo :) <><<



Junior Member
Mar 29, 2018
You don’t get to keep what you don’t get to share:D”.... Love it!!!
Because of the Lover of our souls, we have the ability to love others with a love that penetrates to the very spirit and soul.:)

Many Blessings,


Senior Member
Sep 16, 2017
Read it. Yep. Now who will read mine?