~ Poem ~ The way to the Father ~

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Mar 25, 2018
Rain drops on the roof, I see the candle burning
This journey has been long, yet so much to be learning
High in the mountains that’s where I am
This is a place where I find myself
Where my Lord he has brought me, and showed me the way
So I could see clearly, the light of the day

He took me from the wilderness
And showed me my way home
And after searching many years I found where I belong
He brought me into the light and filled the vainness of my days
He saved my soul from death and taught me of His ways

He opened my eyes and made me see
Forgave me my sins and set me free

The Spirit had fulfilled the things that Lord once said
No doubts mind I know in truth there’s no regret
My prayers have been granted with His Spirit I was filled
Through my faith I've been delivered, by His power I was healed

For love that you give, Lord I sing you praise
Cause what you have done, no one can retrace

Then one day I was awake and rain had stopped to fall
So I packed my bags and left the place out on the open road
The world down here seemed all so strange I couldn’t find a home
Then memories came to my mind from where I was reborn
And then I remembered, words my Lord had said
There is only one path to life, but so many ways of death

Behold, I sent you as the sheep among the hungry wolves
Be wise ye as the serpents and harmless as the doves
Know that you’ll be tried my friends and some of you will fall
But Lord upholds his every flock, for he loves them after all
So don’t you get discouraged when you stubble in your ways
Our Lord gives strength to everyone and faith for all their days
And let them not deceive you, make you captive nor afraid
Take heed and pray that you endure until the final day

Now go your way, and don’t you forget
The things you have heard, words the Lord had said
The roads are many, but the truth is one
And the only way to the Father is through his beloved Son


Senior Member
Mar 4, 2018
Wow, another spirit led poem... may the lord bless you and keep on inspiring you. Amen.