Sadness From Love

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Aug 12, 2013
139. Sadness From Love
7/12/12 Thurs 10;43pm - 11;47pm

Living in tremendous love I have everlasting sadness,
Hearing messages making me overwhelmed,
Yet, I'm far from pain and madness,
So many people ask; "Why are you sad all the time while saved from Hell?"

You never left me alone,
I don't understand why you would love me enough to be crucified,
Heavenly Lord Jesus, inside me your love helps mine grow,
You never left me behind - you saved me from committing suicide.

With the demons that used to consume me,
All the hate deep within,
I needed a Savior - someone who would bleed in pain for even me,
And you cast the demons out from me and with your blood I was washed and forgiven of all my sins.

I was in war for 18 years,
I knew it was you I should look to,
When you helped me fight my fears,
It was then I knew I needed you to get me through.

Now, I'm trembling tonight,
For such a long time I lived so evil and wrong,
But with a God of Light and such power and always mighty,
I give unto you this song.

I always wanted power to kill everyone,
But as my spirit was born again,
I was only saved by God's Holy Son,
And he forever keeps me safe in his loving hands,
With such love and protection why did I try to run?
I have so much sadness from love,
And with so much inside me - I only have it from the Lord high above.
May 11, 2013
Grace means getting what we don't deserve.

Jesus name be healed amen

2 corinthians 1:17-22
Nov 26, 2012
Power of love ruins one.
It kills over and over again.
We all fall into all the time,
that means you and I.
Let Love not be murderous,
but what it really is.
What is it then if it's real love?


Well I wrote this after a troubling relationship. Hope you enjoy. It's called:

I Miss Her Sometimes....

here goes...

I ran into my girlfriend in the street yesterday
Then I backed up and ran into her again.

I miss her sometimes.