Separation Anxiety

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Senior Member
Jul 20, 2010
It was a sinner who wrote Amazing Grace
After he had slapped a slave man's face.
It was a sinner who lost his family
Who wrote, My God, how great you are in me.

I don't recall the names, the places, the people, the faces
I do know God loves us all so.
It took years and years for the faith to grow.

Still not as bold as I"d like to be
Still He lives inside of me
I will witness, for all of my wrongs
He's turned into testimonies of love songs

The songs have been peace to those struggling
wanting and thirsting for truth to sing
I sacrifice my work
I sacrifice my praise

I don't know if I"ll receive an earthly 'raise'
I do know I've born it on a cross
Dying with Jesus at all cost

I live to see the day He returns.
The day the devil and his demons are
finally and forever spurned.

Sin we cannot fully omit
We are not able, God did admit
However we try, again and again
Some things right
Some things wrong.
Some things to be written
only in song

God here are my errors.
Here is my heart
Hold me close,
As a child from whom You will not depart.

I'd have separation anxiety
In a dark as night society
That has no empathy
Has no love
For fellow man
nor you above.

I pray for them as a whole
Seek them individually
Speak some
and often have to Just go
for they do not listen

They do not hear.

They refuse.
Their god of themselves is too dear.

God I pray for them.
Forgive me for ever going astray
or ever, in my folly, leading others that way.

Thank you for your love