Serenity Of The Soul

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016

Serenity of the soul,
Benign sway of the gentle spirit,
Sometimes full,
Sometimes empty.
Life is full of moving things,
Life is full of things unmoved.
Sometimes, it seems they have no beginnings,
Sometimes, it seems they have no end.
Where do they come from,
Where do they go.
Today, they're vines with sweetest fruit,
Tomorrow they're wretched and dry
And I wonder why.
The giver of gifts, bring rings
Of diamond and purest of gold,
Yet gives me no fingers to put them on.
Look but can't see,
Touch but can't feel.
The ultimate mysteries of the universe
Sit within the heart unstained,
The light of the soul shines brightly forth,
On this day, of all the days,
Your heart in me remains

My love for You forever stays.