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Senior Member
Jan 12, 2016
Too bad ya can't tell if she can really sing with all the auto tune.


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2017
Re: Ponderings

I hope this will format properly.............

We all have an entrance to our spirit inside,
But few know what it's for,
The entrance to eternal life,
It's called 'Salvation's Door".

It's the door that Jesus comes knocking on,
When we're alone and shamed in sin,
He knocks and waits outside that door,
For us to let Him in.

But in life's bustle we're far too busy,
For our future and what's in store,
And though we may hear His gentle knock,
There's no time to open that door.

Take the time, dear friend, as you hurry through life,
To remember what your Savior is for,
He's knocking to give you eternal life,
Go ahead and open the door.