The Thunder Rolls

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Junior Member
Aug 25, 2017
The Thunder Rolls
By Alyssa Blackburn/Hagans©
June 27, 2010

The tears fall down again,
Well the Thunder rolls deep within,

Like Drops of Rain that hit the grass,
The Thunder heavy it hits the wall and does crash,

It all comes out and gets placed before the Lord I love,
As the Thunder rolls I give it too the Lord up above,

As the waves crash violently across my life,
The Thunder rolls loudly and it feels like a knife,

Lightening strikes again inside,
The Thunder still rolls only with the Lord by my side,

The clouds building up more and more inside my heart,
The Thunder rolls as I depend on the Lord and let him do his part,

I may look weak upon my soul,
But as the Thunder rolls I let the Lord make me whole,

I rise out of bed wanting too hide,
But as the Thunder Rolls my life continues in the Lord hands with him by my side,

I may hide behind this smile,
But as the Thunder Rolls I sit upon the Lord's lap for awhile,

For as the Thunder rolls and the storm does remain,
With the Lord I have too much too gain,

As the storm hits me once, twice, and again,
I still give my life too the Lord as the Thunder Rolls within,

As the pain continues inside me,
And the Thunder Rolls loud and so clear I Faithfully be,

Planted in the one that has a love no one can even compare,
For as the Thunder Rolls the Lord still remains with me everywhere,

So night and day I will continue not too let go,
Even as the Thunder Rolls I just know,

That I have a promise in the Lord up high,
For the rest of my life as the Thunder rolls I refuse too deny,

The one I love with all my heart,
As the Thunder Rolls I hold on too the Lord refusing too let go and depart,

As the Thunder rolls again today,
Lord hold me close as I end this poem upon my heart and pray,

As I hand it all too you,
Lord as the Thunder Rolls make my heart bright again and remove the blue,

Lord as I give you all the pieces too glue back together,
Know that even when the Thunder Rolls I will stand with you during any weather,

Rainy or sunshine ,
Lord you are the one , I am yours and you are mine.