Theresa of Avila

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Maybe we come from different side of the tracks. 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' written by Kris Kristofferson speaks to me.

It takes all kinds.

Teresa's poems are too much focused on the things we should focus on and my focus was more like the prodigals.


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Aug 20, 2022
We are all prodigals saved by grace. When I think of it, now old, I realize He has always been guiding me to love Him and be loved by Him all my life. I just wish I could have been as aware of how much He loves me in my youth as I now am. I am a hard case, taking years to draw to Him. Look in the scriptures of apparently young Stephen (at least I think of Him that way), David and Daniel, They were very aware of, and loved God. So that means from a young age they were believers and lovers of God, knowing and being dedicated to His purposes.

Worship was from my young adult years, and still is a pleasure and brings God into mind. When I sincerely worship, He is there (indeed always there!). In this later time of my life, He has spoken to me that He loves me as well. As those words unfolded in my understanding, I became aware of how great that love was. That makes a big difference, it made me aware of Him caring for me, lovingly watching me, that He is guiding my every step. Along with that comes also some pain, realizing I am not perfect like He is. He covers any sin, even the ones I am not aware of by His grace. Others are not perfect either. Like My father, I have to forgive their offenses to me and be patient with them as He is with me.

Because He made us so, we are all different and beautifully so. It is one way He shows His beauty by the many personalities of people. Look at the flowers and nature, the vastness of the Universe, that He is written into the hearts of men to be loved by Him and to love Him.

It is not hard to adore Him, when you think of Him, the creator of all! All Glory to you my Father, To Jesus my Saviour, to you Spirit of fire.

I would much rather be with Him in the glory of His direct presence with His bride before His Glorious throne than on this Earth! Maranatha