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"The original poem wasn't finished...yet I accidentally pressed the send function
Posting the poem prematurely.I mentioned this to someone when in discussion
So this is the other part of the poem that you need to read
May God bless all your hearts reading this,may it sow a seed!!"

As I mentioned previously,that there are pressures from others at times to sin
To looses ones virginity,some christians have fallen,others stand strong and win
Those who fall,succumb to temptation for many different reasons.It varies!
Ranging from being seduced by another to just choosing to's scary
Sometimes pregnancies,STD's,broken hearts and premature marriages can occur
Many experience deep regret, desiring to get back to god where they previously were
Others become blinded to their fall and their hearts are hardened by sins deception
I have witness all of theses consequences and it causes me to make deep reflections!

I have seen the grace of God and the mercy of God.His mercy to forgive and to restore
Echoing what Jesus told that woman caught in adultery..saying .."Go,and sin no more!"
Many christian virgins are in a spiritual war,it is a personal private battle
Yet God cares and wants to set then free from every trap by the enemie...from every shackle!
Being a virgin as a christian is like having a sexual seal that many don't want to have broken
Marriage is the only context to have sex.So keeping pure and holy is a great token
Those who have fallen into sexual sin..God is waiting to help you.He cares for your life
You can't escape his loving arms to pick you up.He knows the struggles and the fight

Those virgins who are struggling with inward purity..that invisible internal war
God sees you're tormented by sinful idol for some,it's what you're living for
Yet deep within God know how you really feel.some of you love it.Some of you hate this sin
No one knows those private images you see,your pleasures,your loathings,the thoughts that come in
He wants to cleanse you,end the continual sexual torment,wash all the filth away
If these words speak to you,then god is touching your heart right here today
He sees the public mask you wear,when your're alone the mask slips.He sees the real YOU
Open your heart to him..He has the power to do things you simply cannot do

The world around you is in satanic deception.You are children of the light
You belong to God through Christ.It's because your're gods child why there's a fight
Being a christian Virgin goes against the tide of the world,yet hold your head high
For narrow is the path to eternal life,and to follow times may make you cry
Yet great is the reward for those persecuted for righteousness sake.Take courage.Hold on
Your virginity is precious and Highly valued..stay strong,regardless where the pressure comes from
Joseph and Mary were virgins..even Christ himself (as a man).God truly knows what you're going through
May god strengthen you all and help you win this..that is why I have dedicated this poem to all of you!