What it means to be

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Junior Member
Nov 18, 2017
Doomed a death one would never speak
Seekth a vengance one in the moment one's week
Blowing out of proportion the sorrowful sound of clamor
Let not the thy will divert the purpose due to vigor
bring though thou knownst thy self tamed
Know not what, I cannot blame
You follow your father who cannot define
A path so simple to those who are not blind.
Grass gross the color of life
If thou harken intently the noise of strife
Is not live and evil the same backwards
Always revolving in a direction onwards
Pray to God you raging fire
Meek it may seem not without clear desire
Lighth thy path in the clearest of light
Turn thou right into what is right
It was mistaken as a tragedy
Set a part like an unclean thing
There was no thought of a comprimise
Some people are bad like in anyone's eyes
Just a victim of insanity
I am sorry you have take a look at what it means to be
Just another turn of what is never seen
Never let what is not known be certain in yourself
God is truth and I will follow Him all my life
There is some in the feelings I have
Above all I am ready to face
The challenges that appear before my race


Senior Member
Jun 2, 2012
I like it, try using structure like a sonnet, keep it up.


Junior Member
Nov 18, 2017
I am actually using the structure that free verse allows for expression. This is the best structure pattern for expression and creativity. It is also very postmodern.


So that is what it means to die......outstanding