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Sep 15, 2019
A lovely young lass named Zipporah,
Boldy went where no girl had, before her,
For her husband remiss,
Had neglected the bris,
Of their son, so she said "I'll do for ya!"

Now young Zippy did not want to supplant,
Or to do what a lady just can't.
But her dear Moses' life,
For her taking the knife,
Was a price she would never recant.

When Zipporah had made her decision,
And with flint knife did make improvision,
"You are saved!" she did seethe,
"Not by skin of your teeth,"
"But by skin of our son's circumcision."

Now Zipporah's example to women,
Is to save their own husbands from sinnin',
'Though they're weaker, 'tis true,
They can somehow pull through,
That's the way, God made them, from Beginnin'.