Isn't she lovely...

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Majestic Llamacorn
Sep 17, 2013
I'd like to dedicate this thread to wonderful women. Is there a lady in your life that you feel like had an impact on you? Maybe it was your mother or grandmother, maybe it was a Sunday school teacher.... or just a dear old friend.

In my life it was an older lady my mother and I cleaned house for named Mrs. Betty. She was the happiest, most loving and giving old lady I've ever met. She had the love of Jesus dripping off of her . She always encouraged me to love the Lord first and then to just love life and enjoy it .

She challenged me to make old fashioned cakes I'd never tried before.... she took me to go visit the sick and shut in. We delivered groceries to people who couldn't go get them for themselves until she herself could no longer go get them for herself... she showed me what I wanted my older years in life to be like, who I want to be. I miss her so much, she's at home with Jesus now.

My wonderful Mama also makes the list. She's the most hard working woman I know also the most determined. If she sets her mind to something, she will accomplish it, Mama doesn't give up. She can nurture any plant to life no matter how bad off it looked. She loves to go hunt frogs with the grandbabies and go to yard sales with the older ones...or anything else they're interested in...She's also interested in.

She cares for people. She has been with a handful of people , holding their hand as they cross from this world into Glory, not cause she's a professional caregiver , but because she's been with these people taking them to doctors appointments, picking up their groceries, cleaning their homes, making sure their bills got paid all because she loves them. I want to be more like her.

My Nanny. ( just to be clear, my Grandmother) who is fighting stage 4 lung cancer like a champ. From the day she found out she had cancer she said "I fully trust God, no matter what happens to me. " And she's proven that every day since then. Her faith has been unshakable thus far. She tries to use it to talk to others about the Lord and how good He is to her . I love her little old self.

Last of all for now, my sister in law Sarah, who me a teenager and her in her early 20's taught me a lesson I've never forgotten.... "Learn to choose your battles" everything in life isn't worth fighting for/about. I feel like this helped me so much in life as a young lady growing up. It helped me keep drama out of my life . Sadly I've had to watch her put those words into practice many, many times and I've watched her hold true to them. She's been through alot and has come through it all with a wonderful attitude . I'm so glad God let us cross paths in those crucial years of my life and that she became part of my family. I've continued to learn things from her over the years and hope to for many more years to come.

How about you? Do you have any special ladies , or even gentlemen you'd like to tell about ? I'd love to hear it.


Senior Member
Feb 22, 2018
Before I was a Christian, a lady named Gloria came to my school to share her testimony about Jesus. She was a former prostitute/heroin addict/murderer, who got saved in prison. She was so full of the love of Jesus that I could actually see a light radiating from her-which I've only seen in a few pastors. I never forgot her, and I think she's one of the main reasons I got saved.


#1. A praying GrandMother - She refused to give up on a certain wayward grandson.

#2. My Mom - If I had listened to her when I got out of high school, I would have missed many of the great disappointments that I chose to pursue. I was the prime example of stubbornness!


Idiot in Chief
Staff member
Jan 15, 2011
I'd like to dedicate this thread to wonderful women. Is there a lady in your life that you feel like had an impact on you?
It's impossible to say any woman had a bigger impact than my mother since her hand routinely impacting with my backside kept me in line. :eek:


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
Do I answer, "Yes (She isn't lovely)" or "No (She isn't isn't lovely)"?

Don't not make mine a double double negative.

English is such a 'lovely' language.... ;)


Well-known member
Oct 23, 2018
My mother comes first as she was dedicated and a stay at home mom. However she knew exactly whay was going on with each one of us and Lord help you if you had gotten into it with any of her flock.
I guess her hours at home gave her the urge to stay on the phone forever if anyone called for us. One time Alex Trebek called for my sister who applied for a job at Jeopardy. She wasn't there but my mom kept Mr Trebek on the phone for half an hour complimenting him and thanking him. He was very gracious.
The Lord sent a BFF into my life who was an ordained minister. She and I really clicked even though she had to steer me away from Tarot cards and astrological chart making I was doing. I am eternally grateful for her friendship.
I must bring up my charming daughter, Elenor, who is in Heaven. She is so endearing and I get messages from her letting me know she's there.
Thx Pipp for the platform and God bless the mothers of the world who are in the Lord and beckon to those mothers who haven't met Him yet, Amen.


Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
My Mama, for sure, soooo much, but also my daughters, my dearest sister friend, and even my granddaughters also bring things to teach, and touch.


Well-known member
Feb 13, 2019
Mum- She’s the most selfless person I know. She is continuously giving all that she has and expects nothing in return. She is a quiet soldier of Gods. She is stronger than anyone I know.

My sisters- They are true sisters: at times annoying as ever, but always loving, bold and loyal. The best of friends.

My first grade teacher- So full of love and truly gifted in reaching each of her students. My inspiration 💗


My lovely sister, best friend, & prayer partner, Elizabeth. We're 1 year apart but we act like twins. It's impossible for us to quarrel.

My lovely fourth grade teacher, Miss Jones who changed the course of my life by believing in me and inspiring me to write.

Two lovely spiritual mothers, Virginia and Betty. They were so wonderful to me and were beautiful grandmothers to my children.



My mother and grandmother. Grandma passed away last August. Both of these women helped me become the person I am today. They will forever hold a very special place in my heart! :giggle:



My grandmother on my mothers side was the only sane person in my family lol. I loved spending time with her. I can still remember her saying “men lilla gumman, det där får du väl inte?” She was Swedish, and she never learned English nor French properly.


Well-known member
Mar 18, 2019
So many women to mention but for sure my mum- strongest, bravest woman i know for more than one reason.
My sister-just for being exactly who she is, endless love for her!
High school best friend, many ups and downs we saw together but never with each other, could always rely on her.
My fifth grade teacher-had the warmest heart, a creative soul, always treated everyone equal.

As for pastor definitely, i will never forget the night i met him, i decided to follow Jesus. When i fell he never once judged me, yes there were rebukes but always out of love. He's like a dad to me, i've learned so much from him and his love for God has encouraged me many times in my walk. Truly radiates like the sun.
And last but certainly not least my first bf. He was there at the hospital holding me as i watched my dad die, something i will never forget and will always cherish.


Senior Member
Jul 24, 2016
When i was a new Christian i was on a forum and met a wonderful woman in the sites chat room.. She was so loving and wise her name was Hannah Cohen.. She was patient and very wise in the scriptures and i loved her more then i have ever loved anyone else in my life.. She was an orphan and had gone through some traumatic times in her life but instead of all those things destroying her it seemed to transform her into the kind of wonderful Christian i wished i could be.. I will never forget her.. My hope is that i will meet her again in eternity..

Such a rare thing to find a woman of that quality.. I was in awe of her..


Senior Member
Oct 14, 2016
GraceLikeRain was a perfect handle for Angie, a former CC member. She was always Grace to me. A merciful soul. Tentative and damaged in the beginning, she blossomed as a mother, friend, supporter, introspective spirit - and she and Pipp and Seoulsearch, Rachael, Boots, Julianna - they formed a kind of ..... moral vanguard for me. For others. And I miss her. I sometimes hope she closed her bloom just for the night. Like the poppy.