Sexual Dreams

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We all know that we cannot control our dreams, but how are we suppose to feel or what are we suppose to do after we've have had a sexual dream that in all honesty we thoroughly enjoyed. Lol. So should we repent or maybe pray against having such dreams? Are we being suduced by a succubus or a incubus? What are your thoughts.


Hi Mr,I think that the only way to control our sexual dreams is to pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us/guide us:So that we may not fall in to temptations,like evil thoughts,Worldly desires...James 3:7 ''So then, submit yourselves to God.Resist the Devil and he will run away from you.''Amen!
Sep 8, 2012
How can you be judged for what happens while you are unconscious?
As far as succubuses go, or incubuses.......As the other poster said, pray against any unclean spirits bothering you.
Use the name of Jesus, and if that doesn't work, plead the blood of Jesus.


It is possible to control your dreams if you know you dreaming, studies are proven, the catch is if you know your dreaming.

It starts with a desire for purity in your life. There's a difference between wanting purity because God requires it, and deciding to choose purity to glorify God. God himself desires you to be pure as well, so there is obviously a way to gain purity in your dreams, and from my own opinion I believe that a true desire and want for purity will be reflected in your dreams, which can be affected by a genuine prayer to God for help. Again I also believed, and have experienced that if you realize your dreaming you can control yourself. I've had many a dream that seems real, but when I start noticing that what I'm thinking is what starts happening, I must be dreaming, and therefore it makes it easier to avoid.

Hope that helps.


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Jun 29, 2012
TO me it would just be a dream and not that huge of a deal. I also dont believe in succubi or incubi though.


We all know that we cannot control our dreams, but how are we suppose to feel or what are we suppose to do after we've have had a sexual dream that in all honesty we thoroughly enjoyed. Lol. So should we repent or maybe pray against having such dreams? Are we being suduced by a succubus or a incubus? What are your thoughts.
I cannot believe this question is being asked by a 49-year old.


Sex is both beautiful and symbolic. It's not at all wrong to let the imagination be a mental manifestation of something that surely awaits you in your future. Just as you imagine having more money but have to contol that desire lest it turn to greed. The catch is to not let this lead to any immoral sexual behavior, which is hard for most. Over indulging in sexual intercourse even with your wife, can bring out the carnal lustuous side of you and allow you to slip into sin. I think desires are similar to the way bible explains love in the song of solomon. A fire that needs to be tempered. It needs to grow at it's own course otherwise you end up becoming engulfed in the flames.


I appreciate your question...I use to never ask myself any questions when such things came to
Me.. Now I ask myself... would God send me such a dream? No, God wouldnt send me something like that... since checking amd guarding my gates and what pours in... I haven't had any.... :). Praise God !


Take an inventory of things you're sowing into your brain.
Media, entertainment, and the like.

If there are things you're puttin in there that are bad, then quit it.

If you're not sowing things into your head that shouldn't be there, and you still have these dreams, then chalk it up to biology, and don't sweat it.

But also don't meditate on the stuff that happened in the dreams.
Apr 8, 2012
i don't know if women have sexual dreams or anything but i think if they did it would probably be when they have their period.

i had a sexual dream last night though lol and it does happen from time to time but its not a bad thing i think it is perfectly natural, it is one of our deepest down desires and usually it is our subconcious trying to tell us something and only god knows that.


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Aug 2, 2009
Sexual dreams are probably the closest I will ever get to the real thing. :(
Jul 25, 2005
1. I do find the fact no women have commented on this rather interesting. They have sexual dreams too.

2. I am without a great degree of shame.

3. I don't believe demons pray upon me sexually. Though if they were to do so, I suppose it would make sense if they went after me in my sleep. My sex drive in the waking world exists, but is pretty sporadic.

4. We have to remember that dreams are primarily symbolic and sex is a powerful symbol. Meaning the cigar in your dream isn't really a cigar, or, counter Freudian, that penis in your dream isn't really a penis.

The other night I had a dream that this Mormon girl wanted a relationship with me. She was beautiful, so I relented. I walked out one door, into a hallway, and into an ajoining room. To my "character" in the dream the girl was the same person, but she was actually different: a very non-Christian coworker who I was attracted to months ago. Long story short, in this dream I shagged her.

After waking up I was confused. Yes, my co worker is still an attractive girl, but we had built up such a brother-sister sort of relationship that an occasion like that would be out of the question.

As I was digging through my suitcase, I realized what I had stumbled upon: the dream was a warning. I am in a time of decision of in life. The Mormon represents how I can have something like what would appear to be God's plan, but still reject it all the same. It's an illusion.

That and I'm a virgin who doesn't masturbate. The body, when deprived of something, will always try to find someway of getting it. Remember, we're made witht he physiological need to spawn.

So to answer the question. No, I do not intend to repent for my actions in this dream. I did not walk away from this dream in any way elated or excited. First came confusion, and then a Godly sort of enlightenment.

All of this to say never treat your dreams to be what they appear to be.


People typically dream about things and feelings that we repress in waking life.

So what's the big deal? A sexual dream just means you're repressing subconscious sexual thoughts and urges while you're awake and the dream is proof. Just because it's subconscious doesn't mean it isn't in your mind, as much as you might like to pretend it isn't. :p

Personally I've never had a real sex dream (though they have come close). Aside from obvious unrealistic fantasy like flying, etc. I tend to only dream of experiences I've actually yeah.......
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May 23, 2009
To be honest, it's been so long since I've had any dreams I could remember, let alone sexual, that I didn't feel I had anything to contribute. I've had some sexual dreams about men in the past but nothing really happened--I can remember feeling some feelings but nothing actually happened in the dreams.

A while back I was going through a very lonely time in which I did have some dreams where women would make passes at me... Such as, they'd put their arm around me and say something like, "Oh honey, you know you'd like being with me." I think one of the reasons this happened as well is because at the time, a girl around my age (customer) who was known to be very outspoken about being gay came in every week and would call me "honey" when I cashed her check.

This will sound strange to some but I honestly feel that at the time, it was a way of the devil tempting me and wanting me to question who I am. I even told Christian friends about it, a few family members, and asked for prayer. Haven't had any such dreams since, but that doesn't mean we aren't all vulnerable at times in our lives and I know that for some people, the temptation is a lot stronger.

However, for myself, I can say with confidence that I most definitely still find guys attractive (romantically), NOT women!!! :D


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Apr 21, 2010
I don't sleep much, so I don't dream much. But women do have sexual dreams from time to time, some of which are pretty powerful. I usual don't remember them and certainly don't dwell on them or feel guilty about them.

If it was something that was happening a lot, I would want to look into why it might be happening a little more and be more careful about what I was surrounding myself with, or whether there was something bothering me that I needed to deal with (other than not having sex, of course).

I bowed out of the thread for awhile because it seemed like more of a guy needs to talk with guys kinda thing.
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Jan 17, 2007
I cannot believe this question is being asked by a 49-year old.
Have you considered the possibility that he is a new Christian? We all started as babe's in Christ, so don't throw stones, love your brother.


I know this is an old post, but maybe it will get to you anyway! You're response was priceless!!!!! ?????????????????? obviously, I had one of these dreams last night. It was a good dream!!!! But, it wasn't my husband in the dream. I don't know who he was. I saw his face and it wasn't familiar (I felt in the dream, like I knew him. I think we were married). But, of course I asked The Lord to forgive me if I had caused that to happen. I had a dream about Heaven, recently, and I literally woke up smiling from ear to ear. I've asked Jesus to let me dream that again. But, back to topic, I'm 54, rarely even think about sex, my husband is....well not "the guy of my dreams":))))). So that caught me off guard. But, I definitely feel you on the comment you made. It gave me a good laugh to start my day!!!!


My above post was supposed to go to zeroturbulence. I don't know what the heck I'm doing:)


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Aug 13, 2014
Well... this is a (bleep) of a thread to revive.