Please Share With Me Your Testimonies!

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New member
Apr 29, 2019
I would love to hear about how you all came to the Lord so we can all strengthen each others faith in God :)


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Then go to the Testimonies forum.. :)
Jul 8, 2019
My story of the beginning of my faith is pretty simple. By logic and observation I realized there is surely a devil in the world. By more logic I reasoned that if there is a devil there is also a Holy God that it is rebelling against. I was afraid of the devil so I came to God who can save me. It's that simple...


Well-known member
Jul 10, 2018
I was born and raised in another faith but came to know Christ as my husband and his family are Christians. We were in courtship for about 5 years but we never discussed this aspect of our future. I accepted the Lord after marriage and since then there is no turning back. The journey has been beautiful.