CC young adults hangout

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Suggestion for something fun than the rather depressing negative threads that largely occupy this thread

Of those who want to
*Post videos of yourself doing sports, funny videos on converserving about funny topics and just having fun really
Maybe have video challenges , dancing tips, dancing videos randomness like first one not to fall asleep after reading the dictionary for 3 hours and film it, guys who shave with tooth paste (noo dont try that..... :D)

* Having those of us who like playing Christian EDM music like techno dub step have a friday night usa time get together in yousing or better still DJ maestros showing us your skills dancing disco lights welcome
Id like to hear feedback on this whats your thoughts?

* accent tag videos (optional ) everything here is optional you dont have to do it you can say no

*girls best sleepovers you had stories stories tell me what happened were you like my friends bouncing off the walls because you had so much sugar as teens / Y.A girls like to talk sleepover ideas or girls night ideas?!
*girly stuff videos/ forums skype get togethers on a free friday night usa time thats like cyber sleepovers!
*guys stuff videos

Who says we have to be restricted? Cc isnt just for fellowship and a place to talk or in that fellowship have we can have fun in this forum a place to hang out more suited to our age- it can actually do wonders having good hearted fun to your self esteem etc etc etc................................................................................. I just wanna have fun here!

I mean a bunch of negative threads? id rather hang with my friends and youth group in irl but it doesnt have to be that way!

lets get something started! IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS!

My next threads are as mentioned above : Fun crazy* videos for us CC youth to contribute
Theyll be a list of ideas+ challenges and some videos to start off with

Above all respect your Christian faith and others faith in God and non christians and adhere to CC rules

Ask a Mod if your really not sure whether to post would be my advice like it might be insulting or not appropriate

I really would like ideas its not just me


OK that's OK I understand if my ideas need improvement / lack of interest its more the idea behind
May 3, 2016
It's nice to see you care about this subforum. you can help put the love and wisdom of Jesus Christ into threads you think are negative.
Jesus said "in this world you will have troubles." Many youth need somewhere to talk out their problems. Talk to them in love Missy.

Jesus also said he will always be with us -even through our troubles.remind the youth-in-Christ.