Highschool Years!!!

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I like to hear some u adult highschool stories. If you have gone to highschool and what were ur exprience in highschool? Also do u ever plan on going to a highschool reuinon? Were u a shy, nerdy, popular, jock or had any friends at school?


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Mar 13, 2014
No, I have never been to a high school reunion. I am sure that there will be a 50th year reunion in 2023 somewhere but I will not be attending. I really didn't care for anyone in high school and have no desire to see anyone again.


I like to hear some u adult highschool stories. If you have gone to highschool and what were ur exprience in highschool? Also do u ever plan on going to a highschool reuinon? Were u a shy, nerdy, popular, jock or had any friends at school?
I’ve been to numerous high school reunions. I was never the shy one.


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Aug 7, 2013
Gotham City
I didn't really fit into any one category. I got along with most groups, except the popular/preppy kids, whatever they call them now, lol. I really didn't want to be there though, so I kept my actual friends few & poured most of my time into sports & the academic team. I probably would not go to a reunion.


I didn't like high school. I didn't like school in general, but high school really left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't make friends and I wasn't able to relate to anyone. And people making fun of others behind their backs. I myself got made fun of a lot behind my back. And I was picked on a little bit.

I was the kid who kept his head down and stayed quiet. Yet I still got picked on and made fun of. Isn't that something? Guess all I could do was be patient and wait until I was done with high school so I could get away from all that.

The only good thing about high school was that I had really good teachers. Probably the best teachers I ever had were in high school. Other than that, high school wasn't a pleasant experience for me.

So no, I would not want to go to a high school reunion.


Well in highschool I was pretty much the loner. I didn't have friends talk to I'm guessing is because I dressed as plain and nerdy. I didn't fit in the clique. Since everyone has their own group. I didn't really like some of the teacher. One of them actually appears to be rude. I didn't really have the best time in highschool years. I didn't even went to homecoming or prom. I agree I wouldn't go to a high school reunion.


Ok If you guys have the chance to relived ur highschool years. What changes would u have done to make it better. I personally think I should have joined club. I could have try to be more social and outgoing. Try my best to dresses more cooler and follow the fashion trends and wear makeup. While interacted with people more often.


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Sep 17, 2018
I've never been to a HS reunion and wouldn't go to one. I hated school, so the idea of going back to see anyone from that time sounds unappealing.
My first HS was huge and I barely met anyone. My second was pretty small but still no real interest in revisiting few if any from there either.

I doubt there's much I'd change. Most of my memories are from my second HS, so that's where I tend to focus most.
I wasn't into shallow things such as trends, being popular, etc... My HS was for outcasts and I was an outcast among them. And while it wasn't my intent I was fine with that. My lunch table crowd were all the rejects, but all were nice people.
I was bold about my faith and my stance against drugs and alcohol and if I had any reputation at all, that is what it was for.
I may not have been cool, but i stuck by my convictions rather than following the crowd and I have no regrets about that.


Sinner saved by grace
May 29, 2018
Anaheim, Cali.
My all Boys HS went broke (sort of like sister act, without the fun,) so I started a new school. I wasn't a jock or a stoner. I had no siblings. I never socialized with the kids that had money and new clothes every week. There very few of us that had cars. I wasn't allowed to drive mine without my dad who was busy working. So I just worked on it or polished it from time to time. As money allowed. I sat home reading about cars, Listening to top 40's music, oldies and looking forward to getting away and starting my own life; on my own terms. I knew a HS diploma was a key to joining the Air Force. It would be my stepping stone. and lead to College. My biggest regret was getting married at 18 years old to my very first girlfriend. All we knew about life came from books movies. I knew my parents stories about the depression and WW2.

Real life didn't work like any of those ways. If I could change anything I'd go meet some Christians, get saved and read the Bible before making any major decisions.


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Oct 23, 2018
My fam lived 2 blks from my HS and my cousins live 1 blk away. There was 3 kids in my fam and 5 in cousins fam. It just worked out funny that, intermingled we were all a yr apart so there was one of us following the other for years. I was second following my cousin who was a genius so some of my teachers assumed I was one to.
So, not quite meeting those expectations, I was the class prankster, either 'accidentally' falling off my chair, making weird sounds from the back of the class, passing notes, etc. Growing pains.
One thing I liked to do was to b the first to wear the latest fad.
It is what you make of it. You need to feel good about who God made you then others will also see you in a better light. God bless.


Honor, Courage, Commitment
Jun 25, 2017
I like to hear some u adult highschool stories. If you have gone to highschool and what were ur exprience in highschool? Also do u ever plan on going to a highschool reuinon? Were u a shy, nerdy, popular, jock or had any friends at school?
I enjoyed high school... I was an academic-athlete focused on my grades and my sports.
I was the HS wrestling team captain, and Defensive-Backfield captain - but I didn't necessarily consider myself popular. I didn't date girls from my high school. I took my older sister's friend (had already graduated from a different school) to HS prom, she even had a boyfriend, but she was willing to go as a favor/sympathy date...
I did go to my 10 year reunion; but only because I was basically still a 1 year newlywed, and was pretty proud of where I was in my life at the time - was a young Captain in the USMC...
Was too busy and too far away to go to other reunions...
Have mixed feelings about whether I would go back to another one at this point...
Have a few close childhood friends that I wouldn't mind catching up with - just a little embarrassed about having a failed marriage... But have so much to share about my life - so proud of so much (three amazing kids) and appreciative of what I have accomplished and the sacrifices that I have made.
I wouldn't rule out going to another one... especially if I could convince someone to accompany me... maybe...


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
School was tough, but God was there just when i needed Him! It was kind of survival of the fittest atmosphere, but thankfully the blows were softened with His love and compassion in a strange land=).

My mother brought dish gardens for our room at the dormitory, placed between my seatmate's desk and mine, and the other for our other roommates. I felt at home with the familiar plants from home.


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Jan 3, 2017
Row A, Column 9
I just finished high school, and am now working towards my biomedical degree. Honestly, my experience definitely wasn’t as terrible as others that I’ve heard of, but there are still some times when my mental well-being took quite a hit, but despite that, I made it through :)


I had a lot of anxiety back then. Much more than I do now. I was depressed and very lonely. I missed so many things like hanging out with friends, going to the movies, dancing at homecoming or prom.
High school was just awful! I am so glad those years are behind me. I have spend the last 11 years healing from those wounds. I did not attend my 10 year reunion. No one would probably remember me as I hardly talked to anyone. I always felt like what I had to say was stupid or irrelevant. But that's how social anxiety is...making you feel worthless.
I'm better now. I wish I could go back to high school and encounter myself back then. I would tell her she is worth something and she's not abnormal. It's normal to think you're weird in high school...that's something I didn't know back then. :(
Oct 14, 2012
I enjoyed high school. My grades and elf-esteem were better because I was not living in a state of constant fear due to the bullying I had to deal with before. If I had an issue to resolve, it was resolved quickly and peacefully. Not sure if I am going to organize a reunion because I have fallen out of contact with too many of my classmates.


Senior Member
Jul 28, 2015
I like to hear some u adult highschool stories. If you have gone to highschool and what were ur exprience in highschool? Also do u ever plan on going to a highschool reuinon? Were u a shy, nerdy, popular, jock or had any friends at school?
I was the shy one, except those who I became close friends with. We were like the outcasts of school, those who weren't popular at all sat in one table in front of the kitchen, everyone else sat in their grade section for lunch. I went to a Christian school, best I could explain is that while the kids may have been more behaved than a typical public school (I only saw one legit fight my four years there, between 2 girls) they were still teens. Kids be cussing up a storm, listening to the same worldly music everyone else listened to, some smoked, one of my friends showed me a bag of weed in one class, I held it (just wanted to look at it) and gave it back. He never pressured me, it's not like on TV where you'll get pressured or they won't be friends with you, he was like "whatever" and we talked about something else. I did not like my experience, looking back I did not like anyone there except a few people. Would I go to a reunion, I wouldn't unless I become a real big shot and feel way more accomplished.

I did get bullied a lot, not in a physical way or the cliche "throwing your hat/bag around and trying to catch it" deal but in a mental way. Kids would be very sarcastic, say would make fun of you being sarcastic, and that was there out to defend themselves. I wasn't stupid (well the first year I was very naive) and realized what was going on but I was too cowardly to do anything about it. I slapped a kid once for saying some snide remark and all he did was laugh, almost like trying to convince himself he was being genuinely nice. I wanted him to get mad but he didn't, he laughed, took it as a joke and nothing was solved.


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Dec 10, 2018
No, I have never been to a high school reunion. I am sure that there will be a 50th year reunion in 2023 somewhere but I will not be attending. I really didn't care for anyone in high school and have no desire to see anyone again.
My 50th H.S reunion will be a year earlier. I too have no desire to reconnect.
I was bullied, put down, threatened and disrespected back then.
I have forgiven, but still do not want anything to do with old classmates...


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
I am sad for those who did not have very fond memories of high school. Altho i was a shy, unpopular student then, it doesnt matter to me now. Can i tell how many yrs we were that last reunion?! But even if going to one wasnt in my mind, my best friend of many yrs from h.s., now living in a southern island of the country, was the one who'd inform me and insist i go=). She's the very friendly and talkative type, and it seems not having me there would make her joining the reunion not worth it hehe. So ive gone twice, and while i am not a v. social being nor a good eater, it was good to get in touch again, aside from the great food haha. There's at least one believer in the batch that i know (the others i learned abt later), and we've started to share w/ and pray for batchmates, personally and thru a group chat. I think it's a wonderful opportunity bec. people in the group are generally polite and do not put u down if u shared something from the Lord.


Senior Member
Apr 7, 2014
High school for me was much better than the 5 years (4th grade to 8th grade) that I spent at a Catholic school! Those nuns were mean and so were the wealthy Italian kids who dominated the school! It was my mother's idea to send me, my brother and two sisters to Catholic school, but eventually the tuition became too expensive, so we all eventually ended back at the public school. I was reunited with friends that I had prior to attending Catholic school. In high school, I was not exactly in the "in crowd" or in the "nerd herd." I was somewhere in between. I was somewhat popular and somewhat of a jock I guess. I had a handful of good friends and we had our share of fun during those high school years. A little too much fun at times! I went to one high school dance, but missed my senior prom because I graduated at mid term and was in Orlando Florida going through boot camp and 3 different schools in the Navy. I missed my 20 year high school reunion do to travel plans. I really didn't have much interest in going anyway because none of my good friends from high school planned on going either.


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Nov 26, 2012
If my high school had a reunion, I wasn’t invited. I’m so different now then who I was. My class would probably be wondering who brought me. I wasn’t “popular” but everyone knew me. My friends and I were the fun group. In the cafeteria and all the parties, we joked the most and laughed the hardest. High school could have been a lot more enjoyable if classes didn’t get in the way. We had a band....and we tried real hard. Then people started showing up to our jam sessions....with beer....and other stuff. Soon the guys just stopped bringing their instruments, and also started bringing beer. Wow, so many stories....I hope my kids never hear about.