I feel selfish...

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I've been reading through a lot of threads and posts and what not... and everyone just makes my life seem so bearable... for a long time, I've had this "woe-is-me" feeling about life... it hasn't quite been a walk in the park, but in comparison to a lot of the people on here, co-workers, and even one of my best friends, I've had a great life.

Sure, yeah, my parents are divorced, and I couldn't handle my dad getting remarried so I moved in with my mom (that hasn't been going the greatest lately.) But who cares, I have a co-worker whose family couldn't give a crap about him, last week, one of his uncles borrowed his van, drove out all of the gas, and didn't even consider giving him gas money.This weekend, I found out that one of my best friends of four yeas has been struggling with anorexia since seventh grade, and I never would've guessed!

I'm just really upset with myself because of it, how can I be so blind? Honestly, I feel rotten right now, and it's just a really crappy feeling that I hate having, because I feel like I'm going to fall apart or something... I dunno, it's just really frustrating...


Everyone has 'woe is me' selfish moments. it makes us human. and there are always going to be people who have worse lives than we do. thats just the way life is... but the fact you were 'blind' as you said, isn't something you should beat yourself up over, everyone has those moments. I really don't know what to say, and im sure that there will be plenty of better advice than mine, but i think you should just have a chat to god, and talk to him about it... i hope you hear what you need to hear :)


I feel what you saying, whats worse is that I have been called selfish and i told myself I dont care, only to find out later that it hurt being called selfish. So I am trying all I can to avoid being selfish, as much as we are supposed to practice holiness we can also practice selflessness.....


Senior Member
Jun 14, 2010
i know what you mean. i used to think that my life was sooooo bad. my mom wouldn't let me go anywhere or do anything and even now i just turned 20 and my parents still make me go to bed if its after 12. but eventually i've learned that there are things that other ppl have to deal with that i could barely imagine.

watching ppl how other ppls lives can be so hard yet they get through it like its nothing. it makes me wanna be like them and it also makes me think twice about complaining. 1 Corinthians 10:10. the first verse i ever memorized. ^_^.

and the more you grow spiritually the more you'll learn to humble yourself and realize just how quickly everything can be taken away. your life is not yours. it belongs to God and he will use you as he wishes. your job is to search for they way that he wants you to be used and once you find it do the best job you can.

the selfish thing kinda goes away with responsibility. the more you "do" and see how the world works the less "me-centered" your world becomes.
Jul 24, 2010
Something I've learned over the years, just because there are people who have it worse (and there always will be someone worse off than you), does not mean what you have doesn't hurt. The worst possible thing your could do right now is put your pain on the back shelf because you think it's selfish. It's okay to feel pain, it's okay to be sad, and from what I've read, what you're dealing with is no walk in the park either. Find ways to cope with your pain, but don't feel you need to deny yourself grieving just because people have it worse. You're a human with regular human emotions. Be there for the people that need you of course, but be there for yourself as well.


It is good you came to this realization. we ALL tend to pity our self. And when in reality what we have isn't so bad. Whats the solution? We all need to grow up sometimes.
Everyone also has pain and struggles but just because people have it worse doesn't mean you should keep it in! If you have problems or troubles seek a Christians help. NOT UNGODLY OR UNSAVED! they will not help you. Find someone who can help your spirit then you will get somewhere.
Don't feel to bad though, we all are self centered by nature.