Need an amen?!

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Nov 11, 2018
Okay, so i have this one post on my candy addictions and mentioned some addiction of candy. There is more to that but i know my God is amazing and He will do great things in my life! I suffer anxiety however when off meds i have schizophrenia or psychosis as they say. If you don't know what it is its just not being part of reality (for me) now i have bad anxiety where i can't be around people and i get anxious out of no where. I need someone to tell me i am healed because nothing is impossible with God! I am starting to take more control of my mental state, i'm not letting it control me & now can feel His presence like never before and his grace and love. And i feel so much i need to help other people feel his love and what He has given me. I can feel His fire like never beforeeee!! I need an amen to my healing and i know it's a process but i know i am healed in Jesus name. Please pray for me and my process.




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Mar 23, 2019
psych drugs only treat symptoms. I feel like they get in the way of who I am in the Lord...that's me though.

..I do believe he is our healer and affirm you :)

I'm not telling you to mistrust all doctors but psychosis is pretty vague. I have had some terrible experiences with the entire mental health system to at least know that it is worth getting a second opinion. To one person, it's just "life can be tough" and to's psychosis. Fear can do a lot of things to the mind.

It's amazing to me when I do my own research before I go to the doctor and I mention all the things that I think they usually agree with a lot of them. Same with mechanics. I am not a mechanic, I am not a doctor (leastways I don't have training just information) but they aren't you. They don't live with you every day. So it is helpful to be somewhat informed before you speak with them. When they don't agree, I at least get to learn why and that shows me other places to look as well.

Is non-drug you unsafe or unlivable? and what exactly do you base that on?

These are just things I think about, I pray that you can consider them safely free of any attack.