Pre-Trib vs. Post-Trib shouldn't even be an issue...

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Senior Member
Aug 20, 2013
I have seen thread after thread of fellow brothers and sisters hounding each other over when Christ is planning to come again. this is such a divisive issue, that some people devote their entire ministry in defense of their position, writing books and holding seminars; all the while causing senseless divisions amongst fellow believers...

We are called as believers on this earth to go and make disciples of all nations. There are millions of people right now falling into eternal torment from which there is no return, and instead of debating and focusing on how we can best save the lost, we're fighting over something we have no control over and shouldn't matter either way. Many of our early brothers and sisters believed ardently that Christ was coming in their lifetime. So tell me, if they sat down and did nothing but argue over when he was coming would we be here today? The whole point of the Bible's ambiguity on this topic was to get our minds off of when he's coming so we can focus on the task that lays before us.

It doesn't matter whether he comes after the tribulation or before, we are called to preach the gospel to every nation. Whether we go through terrible torturous trials and tribulations while we carry out this mission or not, we are still called to carry it out, and whether Christ returns now or fifty years from now I'm ready any time to face him... Are you?

Look, theology is an important study topic. However there are many divisive issues in the church (such as this one), that are irrelevant when it comes to accomplishing our primary task on this earth. It's irrelevant whether communion turns into the actual body or blood of Christ, it is irrelevant as to who wrote the book of Hebrews, and it s irrelevant when Christ is coming again. None of that changes our mission, or our approach; and it doesn't even change our individual or collective edification.

Sure, we should know end-time prophecy for the purpose of knowing the season. But we are to know the season for the purpose of knowing not when he is coming, but so we should know what we should do. We learn the season of his return so we can edify and build up ourselves while using the evidence of prophesy to reach the lost. We don't as soldiers sit and bicker amongst ourselves as to when our king is coming, all while the castle is under attack and there is a battle to be fought.

Honestly, if people were half as concerned about the Hell-bound as they were about their eloquent theologies we would see a revival in this world as never seen before. We go church, sit in conferences, seminars, services, go on Christian forums, debate those of other denominations, study Christian Apologetics, go to Bible school and learn the Bible backwards and forwards; but it's all worth nothing if we don't apply it to reaching the lost.

I urge you all to search your heart, what is the intent in your teaching? What is your primary task on this earth? What would God praise you on most: your knowledge of scripture, or how well you fought to reach the lost? Think on this and set your hearts on what's truly important.
May 9, 2012
It's the "My theology is right and yours is wrong" mindset. Personally, I don't care. Would I like for Christ to come back now? Absolutely. But that's me. I'd rather go with God's judgment on when he'll come back again. After all, there are sinners out there he is waiting for to come to repentance.


I think it's important to focus on Christ's coming, but to focus on the right aspect of it. I agree, pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, what does it matter? Jesus said to look to the skies for his coming, not to figure out when he's coming. We'll know he's coming back when he comes back, and we should be watchful for that return.