Young adults struggling with sin.

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Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,
I am a brother, in his early 20's, who is seeking to reach out to other Christians around my age and beyond. I started Timothy's Companions as a way for those in the Lord to express there struggles with sin to other Christians (2 Timothy 2:22). This is not a place for "professional counseling", as necessary as that is in certain circumstances, but a place where we as brothers and sisters can support and encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11). The Father has given us all gifts and character necessary for the edification of others, agreed? Then please, if your lead visit our site with a word of your own.
As this site is just now in its formation you may very well be one of the first to post your comments. The idea, for now, is to just have a few confessions and testimonies up for visitors to be encouraged by (James 5:16). You can be anonymous or sign-up (for free, of course), whatever God leads you to do. It would be greatly appreciated.
I first got the idea to make a site like this when struggling with a particular sin I was lead to a forum, no longer active, which had post from Christian college students my age who were struggling in the same way as me (1 Corinthians 10:13a). It was such an encouragement to see that I (and so many others) were not alone. But it would be heartbreaking to stop there, we must help lift our brothers and sisters out of the mire (James 5:20). The most astonishing thing about this website was that the post were written all the way in 2007! So please don't be discouraged by the sites initial lack of traffic; who know knows who might be encouraged by it four years from now. Thank you for reading, God bless you.

This is a post so please feel free to comment, criticize, whatever.


You should try getting to know people here before spamming about your site. Might get more interest if people know who you are.

I think your heart is in the right place, but your tactics could use some work.

Regardless, God be with you.


Yeah your right, I'm actually am trying to get to know people on here and post some genuine responses to some post. Not trying to get people to log into my site or anything. I definitely see where your coming from though. Never really thought about the offensiveness of it, thanks.


Wow know this site could be an encouragement to us of little faith.. I certainly find that when I go for a time without the presence of the Lord or other Christians or if I stray disaster strikes.. Ill sign up.