Third Term

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The evidence I've accumulated so far shows that the 2020 Election theft has Obama's prints all over it.

Like it or not (and believe it or not) this is an Obama Third Term Presidency, with Biden as the figure head.
Obama is calling the shots from behind the scenes. He can get away with it. How else do you describe it?

Why do you suppose Obama stayed behind in D.C. after President Trump was inaugurated? All other
former-Presidents left the area and went home to their perspective hometowns. Why was Obama the
exception? Because he has publicly stated in that "There is was alot of work we weren't able to do during
my eight-years in the Oval Office."

I've noticed fairly recently that entire special edition magazines at the grocery store features Obama's
years at the White House as well as his "humble" beginnings...again.

Yeah. Guys like him are so humble, they let everybody know it.....