Four Catholic priest to have been gun shot in the past 6 months.

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May 29, 2018
Fr. Richmond Nilo, a diocesan priest from the Diocese of Cabanatuan was shot dead as he was preparing to celebrate a Holy Mass at Mayamot village, Zaragoza town in Nueva Ecija province.

He was a servant of God who can never be silenced on injustices wrought about by extra-judicial killings, unjust war on drugs and anti-people policies and actions of the Duterte’s administration.

He was also critical of the Iglesia ni Cristo’s supports to the Duterte’s government.

He may be earned the anger of the Iglesia ni Cristo or the Duterte’s administration, the fact is, his death must be condemned in the strongest possible term. A prophet in this country is still not safe.

The killers of Fr. Nilo is surely inspired by no other than the Philippine president himself who always talk of death against his opponents.
The state’s incompetency of solving crime like this will also invent some theories like what it had done to Fr. Mark Ventura, who was killed in Cagayan province on April.

Fr. Nilo was the fourth Catholic priest to have been shot in the past six months and the third who have been killed.
On June 6, Father Rey Urmeneta was shot by two gunmen in Calamba City but survived the bullets.
On April 29, 2018, an anti-mining priests, Father Mark Ventura of the Diocese of Tuguegarao (Cagayan Province) was killed after celebrating a Holy Mass. On December 4, Father Marcelito Paez was also shot and killed after facilitating the release of political prisoner in Nueva Ecija.
We call on the faithful to stand against the culture of impunity and culture of killings, which Duterte himself promotes.
We, the Stop the Killings Network (STKN) - Metro Manila call on the people to stand against tyranny and assert our civil and democratic rights. Let us organize for a stronger and bolder action.
Jul 9, 2017
It is horrible that these four holy men were gunned down. May God rest their souls. May these holy martyrs pray for us.